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My first attempt at a mini portfolio

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I'd like to make a full size one, but thought I'd start small in case I screwed something up.

Cover is some sort of oil tanned leather completely lined with pig skin.  I sandwiched pieces of plastic quilting templates between the lining and the cover to add stiffness.  The plastic pieces are set in 1/4 inch from the edges, just inside the stitch line.  The pockets are made from the same leather as the outer cover.  I did not finish the edges at all and the pig skin lining material is visible between the two layers.  I may try to dye the edges, but not sure yet, advice is welcome.  I machine stitched with Pfaff 1245 using 138 polyester thread.  There is one area of mis stitching and I know what caused it.  I won't give it away though, you'll have to look for it.

Comments, critiques welcome.








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Nice job!  It looks like the edges won't burnish too well. Have you tried it?  

If it doesn't burnish well I would recommend Fenice edge paint in dark brown.  TheHideShop.com has 100 gram repacks of Fenice at a decent price which allows you to try out a few colors before buying the large pack. 

(the mis-stitch doesn't look too bad. You might try to cut and restitch.  Other than that it looks real clean). 

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It does not burnish at all.  I don't mind the rough looking edges, but the visible lining bothers me a bit.  I'll look into the dyes you mentioned.  Thanks

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