Another Identify That McClellan Saddle (please)

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Howdy All.

Sorry to bother. My father passed last Sept and among the many things he has around is this saddle which he identified as McClellan. I think it is but after research I have no idea what era it is from. Only mark I could find on it says "US 7" (pictured).

Thank you very much in advance for your assistance!







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The hardware and the way it is rigged will make it easy to identify by comparing pics with one of the good books that are out there (One by Randy Steffan comes to mind) My guess will be that it will prove to be the 1917 officer's model McClellan. The McClellan was first introduced in 1858 and went through many changes until it was no longer stocked as an item by the US quartermaster (I think about 1941) The US 7 might indicate that it was used by the 7th Cavalry at Ft Riley, Ks

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