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  1. oltoot

    Stapler for box loops

    Standard Rivit Company of Boston Massachuesets makes a small (Model #2) spotter/loop stapler
  2. oltoot

    Metal horns

    Then you can tap and drill a hole for the screw in the cap to keep it in place. Another option would be to drill and tap a filler piece to the top then traditional cover over it, as to origins metal horns exposed not as strong but trees much easier to make and therefore cheaper in the day. IN some (not all) Wade trees the horn and fork are all one piece of wood vs bronze core bolted to fork for others. Lots of ways to skin a cat. BTW the Vaquero trees from Mexico had one piece horns and forks, in fact, some had the entire tree carved out of a single cottonwood root in one piece.
  3. It can be "compounded" with just about anything so it is best to find a named (other than NFO Compound) product that suits you and stick to it as all NF oil compounds are created equal.
  4. oltoot

    Help! Sharpening French edge skiving tool

    Over the years iT FOUND IT TO BE a worthwhile investment to get a collection of stones to just fit inside of my french edgers
  5. oltoot

    Favorite machine for sanding edges?

    4" belt sander
  6. oltoot

    saddle tacks

    This is late, I know but cut blues for fitting and roughing (anything that has a chance of being pulled and reset) then #6 X appropriate length (3/4 to 1 1/2) coarse thread ph construction screws for finalization except cement coated nails (any good hdwe store) on top of skirts and a few other places.
  7. oltoot

    N.Porter Saddle

    The stamping pattern and plated dees probably date to 1947-53 when Porters had an apprentice deal with the VA
  8. oltoot

    Rawhide lace

    South Americans use horsehide for some of their best work and skin the yearling down the backbone, leaving the belly in one piece and cut a big circle centered on the belly for string making and use the legs, back and butt for cores. Not gonna find much of this in US, Learned this from Peruvian sheepherders in Wyoming Mountains. At first, camptender thought lions or bears were getting wagon mares colts until the new bosals, reins, etc started showing up!
  9. oltoot

    What is up with my bevelling?

    In addition, leather too wet
  10. Everything is still available and all the snow is off the ground around the shop doors
  11. oltoot

    Sewn on Rigging

    Not quite sure I have the full picture but, generally speaking, when any kind of rigging is sewn down to skirts at the end of construction, the idea is to distribute stress over widest possible area. Conceptually ok but time (IMHO) better spent balancing and attaching rigging in the first place.
  12. Hi,

     In response to your saddle shop sale. I'm in Clearfield Utah and will be passing through Rawlins when I go to Sheridan for the trade show. I'm very interested in what you have. I don't do saddlery, my leather products are for motorcycles but we are in need of more sewing machines. Currently have two Cobra 4's and they do stitch good for what they are but frankly my old Landis 1 makes a better looking tighter stitch..problem is only in a straight line. Anyway, interested in what you have, and yes, I have the money and I sense from your post that this is the type of deal that will not need to be negotiated. You can message me here or if you would rather email, my email is Mark@markscustomdesigns.com.



  13. Just getting old and shaky and yes I think it would be quite a bargain. One way to look at it would be a reasonable price for the machinery with lots of hand tools thrown in.
  14. I would sell my complete Saddle Shop. All tools, materials, benches, racks required to build saddles and harness. Union Lockstitch and Singer 211U566. Complete set of stamping tools, bench tools, washing and oiling fixtures. This is a $10,000 package but worth much more. Complete list and questions answered via email or telephone. Serious inquiries only, please.