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  1. A quick follow up - I contacted Kentucky Leather & Hides, where I got the remnant roll and Penny Wayne said that it's 5/6 chrome. I sent her a sample to see if she can match it. KC at Traditions guesses it's alum Indian tan based on the yellow center. I have some coming today so I'll be able to tell if it's a match. This bag has been very durable and has survived hiking in the mountains, falling while hiking in the mountains, and a torrential rainfall. It keeps on keeping on.
  2. I was guessing that it is a burgundy bridle. What does this leather look like to you?
  3. I took a chance on a lot of handmade stamps. They came in today. It looks like most of the stamps are made of nails. They appear to be stainless steal. What are your thoughts on this lot? I've tried a few of the stamps and they leave a nice clean impression on the leather without having to bang around very much at all. Video: https://i.imgur.com/D6Inm6V.mp4
  4. I've searched the Internet and cannot find the maker. Is anyone familiar with this chisel?
  5. Presidents Day! Free shipping on any order within the contiguous US! Promo Code: PD2024
  6. I'm just getting started as a hobby. I've been practicing on small pieces from a bag of scraps. I've been using tools I had around the house and practicing hand sewing. If your scraps have no value to you, they certainly would prove valuable to others. I've made tiny little journals and a minimalist cardholder wallet with scraps. Occupied an entire weekend with scraps alone.
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