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So they do not make a rubber tipped or Teflon feed dog for my machine. Has anyone ever plasti dipped a feed dog - just the teeth? I'm debating on it. 

Or one thats 3d printed? 

I don't get much marking on my leather but anything to minimize is worth it. 

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Did you use plasti-dip or plastic coating (liquid or aresol can) to modify walking outside and inside feet. I need to test a running jump or kick needle double compound Singer. Feet are mostly out of circulation after 103 years following production date. 

I intend to adequately mount the two feet and needle (100x16D) with a 21 or 22 number eye opening. The "D" desiginator represents diamond. Then I thread with #138 (T-130?) and begin the timing and diaganostic process of which I am simply enjoying in learning the basics of the sewing machine works/mechanics. 

Just another rabbit hole I find myself in again...one day I will sew leather using a machine!

Thanks, Joe

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