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Bag/Purse business up for sale.

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This has been my “side gig” for the past 25 years. My main leather business is VERY busy and the bag side of things needs a new home.

While the products are fairly simple to make, a mildly experienced leather craftsperson can easily do most of the work. I’ve designed all the patterns and such to be made in a timely fashion for production.

What you get:
-Equipment and tools:
1: Adler 669 (the new one) w/piles of thread, bobbins and needles, Servo, 110V, LED etc etc.
2: A new Skiver (light use) Comes with table/motor etc. Ready to work.
2.5: Tippmann clicker with compressor and dies associated with this business and product line.
3: Leather, Usually I keep 5-10 whole hides/sides on hand.
3.5: Edging machine, dyes, glues, tools for bags.
3.75: Hot press with logos for various products, stockists and such.
4: Inventory, this can be from 5-100 bags depending on the time of year, shows and delivery to shops.
5: Shop list of stockists of my products.
6: Email list of prior customers and of prospects (and a bit of guidance on how to run this). I’ll a massive email blitz prior to transfer to let everyone know about the exciting news of a new owner.
7: A clone of the website for you to run (I use Shopify) with this comes a pile of professionally shot product photos, prior ads/ad campaigns in national and international magazines and the hardcopies of all those.
8: The URL/Facebook and other accounts associated with the business.
9: Training, negotiated as to location, time and details.
10: Reasonable followup calls/support (negotiated).


Please email me at andy@andysleather.com for further details. Note, this sale is only the bag business and not my other strap/sling/accessory biz.

Pricing: I’ll be offering a few different levels of support and pricing for this business.

#1: Spendy, mainly because I’ve spent the past two decades and half building a client base, I’ll also have to pay taxes on all this which reduces my “take”.

#2 Affordable, We can negotiate a fair price, you pay me with a genuine paycheck from your company with all taxes paid (Fed, State, Local, etc).

#3 Really affordable, a pile of cash. I’ll help you load everything and get the URLs, Websites and such transferred over in your name on the same day as the sale/closing. We can negotiate training here or on your site. If you have previous leather working skills and a bit of web based computer experience, I can get you sorted quickly and efficiently with minimal downtime.

Note: I’ll be asking for a signed non-disclosure agreement somewhere along the way and also ask for a letter of credit from a bank/lender to weed out the tire-kickers.

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Ok lads and lasses,

I'm officially "too busy" and cannot handle both biz's concurrently. 

If you are interested in a working business with national and international accounts, a decent ad campaign and that's kinda fun.... EMAIL ME! 






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