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I was given an old pony saddle I don’t see a maker mark. I’m thinking it was a common 1950’s or 60’s saddle. 

I’m not sure exactly what to do with it. I pulled it down to clean and sell then considered letting my daughter show in it. 

The sheepskin I’m pretty certain is real but it has some damage and the white leather accents are completely shot. The taperados don’t have the original rivets anymore someone screwed them on but they can’t be used for shows anyhow  

Does anyone know anything about these old pony saddles?  Am I better off selling or giving it to someone who wants a decoration than putting the money into any repairs?  Or if it has a cool history just hanging on to it?

I would love any info, history on similar saddles even stories about ponies you had as kids!


(I have more photos but they are too large. If there’s something specific anyone wants to see I’ll add it)


edited to add the number on the latigo holder is 27 over 3901


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Adorable! I'll see if I can find anything on it! Looks like an old parade saddle.

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