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This is a great place to post pics your latest work. Please understand that as the threads get older, we're going to move the topics to the area they "fit", for example, bikes or holsters, just to keep this section manageable, and help the newer folks find lots of pics of the subjects they are interested in. If I have moved your post to the wrong area, please TELL me so I can fix it. Please don't be upset when I move an older post- it actually helps more people to find it. It also helps when we use descriptive titles. "Recent Projects" isn't as likely to get clicks as "Harley Saddlebags and Seat" or "Civil War Holster and Belt".

To post your pics, use the "browse" for the attachment under the area you type your message after you click "add reply" or "new post". Locate the picture on your computer, and click "upload". If you want the picture to appear in a specific place, put your cursor where you want the pic and click "add into post" after you upload the picture. The forum software will accept huge pictures and scale them down for you, and display a thumbnail image. Please be responsible, though. Pics under 500K are best for most visitors. We have some folks here paying for Internet by time, and others who have very slow connections. They want to see your work, too. The forum will also support third party images (like Photobucket, etc) if you use the button that looks like a tree and says "images". These images hosted off-site will take a few extra seconds to load even on a fast connection, so please be patient. If anyone has questions or problems, please let me know so I can help.

Yes, and please please keep posting to this show-off section! No need to post directly to the area your post may go eventually...the point of this section is for SHOWING OFF!

and you all are great,



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