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Closing shop #5

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Greetings all.  After only eight months, I have decided to get away from leatherwork. As much as I enjoy it, I find that I have too many other obligations and interests to devote any real time to the craft. Everything I am selling is less than eight months old. The majority of the tools were purchased at Tandy. I have way too many items to try to come up with prices individually. Tell me what you want and I will give you a bundle price for it. You pay my actual shipping cost. Generally, USPS priority mail is cheapest, but I do have a UPS store close to me if you would prefer shipping through them. I have all sizes of priority boxes so I will fit your purchase and to the smallest/cheapest one.  When you make an offer, I generally think that approximately 2/3 of the retail price is fair, but I will entertain other offers.


I have a rack full of water and oil dies, Adhesives, Solvents as well as antiquing products. I have six large plastic ammo containers that I used to dip leather in.   You never have the streaks  from brushing or rubbing it in or mess    or waste from spraying. There is easily over 750 worth of products here.   I kept it on this cart because I worked in a cold garage and always kept all of the products at room temperature where they belong.

dies 1.jpg

die 6.jpg

die 4.jpg

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