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Wimsew w246 manual and lubrication.

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Hi folks,

I'm hoping someone who's got some experience of the Wimsew w246 and lubricating it can point me in the right direction.

I've recently bought a second hand one and want to ensure it's lubricated and that I do any other maintenance that's needed. Unfortunately, it didn't come with a manual.

I know the Juki DSC246 is very similar, but I don't know if it's an exact-enough copy just to use the Juki manual which is available online.

If anyone has a copy of the W246 manual I'm happy to pay for a copy.

I've followed the Juki manual and lubricated what this says, although I can't do what I've attached as a pic 4.1 and pulling the "bed top face cover towards me". This doesn't want to move, any help would be appreciated.

Thanks guys.




Juki DSC 246 lubrication 4.1.jpg

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@Mayfish that special instruction is for the DSC-246V/7 which I believe is a subclass of the 246 configured as a synchronous binder. In this case the normal arm top-cover is replaced with one that can lift up and swing 90 degrees towards the operator, amongst other modifications. Unless your W246 is so configured, ignore it.

I used to have a W246, but sold it some time ago. I think that that diagram covers the oil points quite well. It might be worth your while removing the top covers and checking that the reservoirs and their wicks are in fact feeding oil to the appropriate points -- mine weren't when I bought my machine, though like yours mine came to me second-hand. The previous owner did not treat the machine well.

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