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Cricut Maker Review- Engraving tool

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First off, read my earlier review which includes info and tips on cutting and saving your mat. 

Tests done:

New Engraving tool on quick swap housing, wet (line type: engrave)

Old scoring stylus tool, wet (line type: draw)

New Debossing tool, wet (line type: deboss)

New Debossing tool, dry (line type: deboss)

Fiebings Dark Brown antique paste was then applied. 

All tests done with Apple Chancery Font. 

Results (see photos)

The engraving tool did NOT disappoint. If I’d beveled this before applying antique I think it would look even better. I prefer this over the other options previously reviewed. I’ve attached all the photos, but you can read my remarks on my earlier review. The photo with no label is the one done with the engraving tool. 19E4ACC1-C286-4073-A0C0-643F3DA67503.jpeg.dbd73e07489a59826211b74c9b95e86a.jpeg




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