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Sewing Machine Bobbin stand

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Recently a member from Vintage  Industrial Sewing Machines Ken Meise made a post about a device his dad invented to hold and display bobbins that clamps on your sewing table.  
Aside from being a Singer 29K71 enthusiast, I am a weldor/blacksmith, and thought it would be fun to make some of these devices to sell. Ken has endorsed this graciously, and so, I am offering the device for sale. This holds up to 30 bobbins, and clamps to keep your bobbins handy on your sewing table or stand.  I call this the Bobbinhoop  
If anyone is interested in getting one of these, PM  me and we can go over our particulars, PayPal $25,and I’ll get it sent out to you. Thank you!2CE3D945-817B-49EE-887B-FBE4C67AC410.thumb.jpeg.5eb6757a400fa47de9eacdac0b4d7cf9.jpeg




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Fortunately for yourself..China is experiencing "temporary difficulties"..or it would be on sale, chrome plated and possibly with LEDs on it somewhere , and maybe an animatronic talking parrot doing acrobatics* on it ( inc free shipping ) for under $10.00 within 7 days**..

*other models, including miniature animatronic monkeys, "pole dancers" or miniature Cirque du Soleil performers would be available for a small supplement..including music..and possibly bluetooth.

Good luck..the "window of opportunity" is short...I ( and probably the Chinese ) would make the entire thing in plastic ( ABS ) to keep the weight down for shipping..

**We've seen that happen before here with "valet trays"..

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