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  1. What Fred said :) et + ( however many you wish to award yourself ) for the photography and graphical treatment. :)
  2. mikesc

    Talented YouTuber

    (ô v ô)
  3. mikesc

    Talented YouTuber

    Likewise..even right clicked and "open in new tab"..works for me too.. and that is despite me not liking link shorteners.. although penguins and FF are safer than many other combinations..if you are going to go clicking on link shorteners..
  4. mikesc

    Burnishing - how many RPM?

    Having watched many of Nigel's videos, ( even though my business is not one for which they are applicable ) I always found them to be extremely well made and clear..Personally I object very strongly to the suggestion that he is in any way a "con"..There are many scams and cons in leatherwork ( and in other craft based businesses )..In my opinion he is not one of the people perpetrating them..Selling a burnisher as part of an "all in one" with a motor is not a con merely because you personally do not think that the motor is a good one, or that it lacks a "brand name" that you personally approve of.. To accuse someone of being involved in a "con" is to say that they are dishonest..which in UK law is defamation and more specifically libel ( because your defamation of Nigel Armitage is in written form )..and is actionable in justice..
  5. mikesc


    No ..never give your email in the open..on any forum ..ever....you'll get inundated with spam..if you can edit it out and send a private message to Constabulary..that is what he meant by a PM..if you cannot edit out your email address ( maybe too much time has gone by ) ..a moderator can do it for you..
  6. You are waaay over thinking this..all you have to do to get a pressure or force sensitive speed control pedal, is to put a small air filled ball, such a a child's foot ball, or an air-filled "softball" or "handball ball" ( under the front end of the pedal that is pulling on the pitman rod ) ..the more you squash the ball by pressing down on the pedal, the harder it gets to squash the ball ( it is "harder" , requires more force, to "compress" air that is already being compressed* ) this solution can be "retro-fitted" to any sewing machine that does not use a rheostat in the pedal..Actually it can even be used on one of those, but requires opening the pedal, fitting a smaller ( air-filled ) ball, inside the pedal, and closing up the pedal again.. Voila !! I did this as soon as I got my first industrial machine, many decades ago ( works also under the pedal on clutch machines ) ..and on all subsequent machines ( servo or clutch ) ..with the exception of "treadle" machines, such as most patchers..But you are unlikely to want to run a patcher faster than one stitch ( each stitch exactly where you need it ) at a time..If you switch the treadle mechanism on a patcher to a servo mechanism, then you could apply it.. Child's air-filled vinyl ball ( small enough to wedge under the pedal of an industrial machine ) will cost you no more than a few dollars.. Just don't try and patent the idea in any way..I have "prior art" ;-) *Physics..which apparently they do not teach enough of nowadays..
  7. Jaime..just click on the link in Peter's last post..
  8. mikesc

    Scratch Awls!

    Nah..that was for Dikman when he wakes up / gets back..put a smile in his breakfast.. ;) Is also as plausible ( I never bought into the "there is a tiny peice of Unicorn horn in each tool" "reason" ) a reason as any other for the price of VB tools..
  9. mikesc

    Scratch Awls!

    Heretic ;-)..it ( "the Blanchard" ) is made from the finest steels , hardened in the fires of 7th generation artisan forgerons, then enfonce, into the finest exotique bois from millennial forets, puis, vernis, et, rolled upon the thighs of young French maidens, ( named "Blanche* ), "daughters of old aristocratic families, fallen upon hard times since the revolution, under a full moon sky, at precisely, 03.15 am..and only when the foregoing time coincides with an equinox.. Which.. explains the price..supposedly ..what other reason could there be..? Hype..? Nah..Not VB..surtout pas..jamais.. ;) All "accents" such as my keyboards do, were deliberately "left off" all the French words, lest "some" computers can't show them and instead show the diamond blocks with the squiggley question mark "thing", ( � ) that means ( amongst other things ) "windows does not do this".. Hence the name..because most steel tools are hard..Blanche ( means "white", feminine hard..Blanc being the masculin version of white..but as ( when she was not exposing her thighs in order to roll tools upon them ) she wore trousers ( pantalons ) , some people ( when viewing from a distance ) made the understandable error..Which was good for business, as women were not allowed to have bank accounts without their husband's or father's permission, and that would have made laughing all the way to the bank with the profits made from the ridiculous prices of the tools from the business somewhat difficult, plus, ( as any woman, wife , girlfriend, sister, will tell you, ask the nearest one to you, - my wife told me without even being asked ) , it is harder to run in a long Victorian ( or Napoleonic era ) skirt, than to run in Victorian or Napoleonic trousers.. The writing of the words feminin and masculin in French gets complicated..( and IMO makes no sense..but I'm not French ) .so..to save explaining why there are deliberate grammatical errors in the way I used them above..just accept that it is complicated..life is to short to deal with why the word for feminin is a masculin word and why the word for masculin is a feminin word..and there are those errors again..for "recursion" ..see recursion..likewise..for "recursive", see recursive.. ps..The Catch ( well one of them anyway ) is ..Not so much "lyrical"..but channelling R.O Shipman..possibly..
  10. Depends if you are using a phone..email doesn't just send things to phones..some of us have more computers ( 12 ) than we have phones ( 4 ).. You could just open the image in "whatever software" that you have ( in your phone, or tablet or your computer )..select "resize" image..when it asks" what size..you choose 800px ( on any side ) ..and then select "save"..it will fit , upload to here ..with no problem..and if your cell services is "down", or "unavailable" .. that method works..whereas "emailing it to yourself"..only works if you can access your email service.. My email service 40 megs down , 9 megs up .. ( and my cell phone service 4G ) will let me send files as big as 500 megs ( maybe even more, that is as big as I've used so far ) with each email..just takes a while to upload at 9 megs.. Some people have waaay better upload and download service than that..But I'm in a small place..population around 3000..and right on the coast, but in a rural, farming-fishing area..2 clicks down the road either way..it is 1 gig fibre..coming to us next year..Yay !!
  11. "Neutral" ( in the sense that they use it ) just means transparent, or "clear" , which is why some people think it is a "thinner".., it is not..it is what one would call a "glaze medium"..which have their uses.. No..it will not come out "opaque white"( solid white ) ..it will come out "sort of "milky" white", which is unlikely to be the effect that you want.. Anyone "wondering" ..To get "neutral"..as in a "glaze medium" ..you could just as easy use "acrylic texture paste" ( if you want texture ) ..or "acrylic medium" ( if you want thin layer) ..from any art shop, it is the same ( 99%) thing, chemically, and is much cheaper.. HTH
  12. Goat, Sheep, Rabbit, or Cat..etc ? Lots of things get called "angora"..what works as a "dye", depends on what the animal it came from is / was..
  13. pleather is Pu Leather..is Polyurethane "leather"..is plastic( sometimes over leather..like some of the LV stuff ( other ersatz leathers are available ) .. But it is "tricked out" to look like what we'd think of as leather..so.. Hope that "bonded leather" does not mean pleather.. If it is pleather..any ( paint ) thing that is used to change the colour of vinyl ( plastic ) shoes would work..
  14. mikesc

    Scratch Awls!

    Where are the toolmakers of yesteryear..we yearn for them tragically..
  15. Your direct links are not direct links, they go via bit.ly..so they could be going anywhere..with anything at the other end.. Why not link directly.. Leather Tools For sale General information...Bit.ly links , that redirect to who knows where ( because when you hover your mouse over them they don't tell you where they are going to..and even worse on a phone..a click means you are going in "blind" ) can be the fastest way to get a virus that you ever saw..