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  1. mikesc

    getting ready to retire my leather business

    The name is good..descriptive.. I'd say the worth will depend on if you are selling the domain with the name..because of the "backlinks", which if they are not all to the home page , any which are to other pages will be lost without the domain.. Reputation..says over 10 thousand customers..many military..goodwill and good reputation should be OK and worth something.. As to the site itself, old school ( tables ) ..but very light weight..good..especially for mobile ( which is 95% of all users / potential customers, nowadays..smartphone is king ) home page code is around 13k , Very good loads very fast..Images are well optimised..total in the home page slide show comes in just over 200k..very good.. .I'm not in the market to buy a that site or domain name, but I wish you success Robert, both in the sale, and in a happy retirement.. * Just checked on mobile, I had not done so before, I was just looking at the very light code, and thinking, Fast....the site does break, on a phone, in portrait view some of the navigation disappears off to the right, but horizontal on tablet should be OK..So that ought to be addressed, but, to change what is currently a very simple site built in tables to fully responsive ( divs and CSS, and make the nav bigger etc **) would not take long at all, anyone mentions it in order to "negotiate" the price, only consider adjusting the price of the site by 5% max. ** There are ready made free ( as in Beer ) bootstrap code examples that any web dev could drop your site into and have it looking like it does now, and responsive on phones and tablets..with not a great deal of work. Clarification..I'm not "making a pitch" to "redo" your site.. :) I don't "do" / "code" other people's sites..
  2. mikesc

    Kudos due to College Sewing.

    Same here..wonderful company and people to deal with..special mention to Dave :)
  3. mikesc

    Finally done! Carved dog collar

    Worth the wait, that is a Lulu of a collar :)
  4. mikesc

    Experimental Nylon Gear Singer 29K

    If it were me, I'd go direct to CNC..The risk of a nylon part breaking during work and ruining the work itself , would not be worth it..to me.. But, nothing holding either of you back, using plastic for prototyping is one of the major benefits of 3D printers, but making / using parts that will actually be used in production, where the original part would be metal and meshing with other metal like gears...not a risk that I'd take, like I said above, almost all modern domestic sewing machines use nylon gears, and with threads other than 45 ( which is what they are designed to run ) the gears strip fast..and that is nylon on nylon..Whereas being used as replacements as per Chris's idea in his OP, the gear would be meshing with the metal gear rails..The reason that most people who do a lot of sewing ( and especially those who move into leather work ) move on to industrials, or old cast iron machines ( both zig - zag and straight stitch ) is that the plastic / nylon gears strip on their domestics as soon as they try running 69 more than occasionally..Nylon is very soft compared to metal, I think that the two gear rails would chew it up very fast.. However if the pair of you are going to try it as an experiment What it has made me think of , is that I should get some replacement metal parts made for mine ..and to keep looking out for additional Adler and Singer Patchers here, I can always stash them with a neighbour until I can make space for them, next to the cylinder arm that I've got to make space for in order to be able to buy it..I may have to extend the atelier..again..or..build another living room so as to be able to take over the current one for sewing machines, thus freeing up more space in the atelier for other things.. It is either that or make an offer for the semi-ruined villa on the land next to our garden..
  5. mikesc

    Experimental Nylon Gear Singer 29K

    Yes, I'll grant you all of those points, but..bear in mind, if a nylon part is going to be made from a metal one, the metal one has to be perfect, unused, or, the nylon part will come with built in wear..and will last even less long..I don't think any of us has a perfect unused" gear from a 29K.. If anyone has, it would be better , IMO, to make a replacement in metal..Some parts ( I think even some gears for 29Ks ) are already available in metal..not used..
  6. mikesc

    Experimental Nylon Gear Singer 29K

    Domestic sewing machines ( modern ones, almost all brands, even the ones that cost more than an industrial clone, use nylon gears ) which is why they don't last long, and break, especially when sewing thicker than 69...many don't much like 69 ( most are not happy sewing with thicker than 45 )..nice thought though. :)
  7. mikesc

    Campaign stool leg binding

    I can see two screw / nail heads there , and some sort of block around the leg to the left of the band, that the screw there appears to be fixed into, probably the leg that we can't see ( at the point where it is attached ) also has a "block" and a screw or nail too..May be a bit more complex ( but still "do-able" ) than at first sight.
  8. mikesc

    Leather finish problem!

    It is an Apple format, used in recent iphones..only half the data size of jpeg.. Converted HTH :)
  9. mikesc

    Is this a good starter kit?

    The wooden mallet ( toy croquet mallet ) in the kit that the OP linked to is all I need to see.. It says Run Away!!! Fast !!! And then , like bikermutt07 says..look around here / read here for a few weeks.. Each time you want to find out about something type this next line into Google, exactly like it is..But where I typed the word something you put the word or words that you are interested in.. site:leatherworker.net something The way works is the site: part says "restrict the search to the website that comes after the" : The site ( in this case ) is leatherworker.net Then there is a space like t his That says the next word or words after the space are what I'm searching for Works for any website Begin with this one..Happy searching :) HTH :)
  10. For now..but as a result of "recent trade disputes with the USA"..Chinese companies are looking ( and finding ) more "stable" partners..Beginning with Telecoms equipment ( Huawei's deal with Russia, and pending deals with various EU countries ) ..China is all about "stability", they can ( and do ) turn off the supply of things ( or increase the export prices ) to countries that they do not consider to be stable partners.. The supply of "Rare Earths" is a lever that they have recently begun to apply pressure on..Taps, Dies, Nuts , Bolts, and so on that the USA and Canada needs to buy from them, could be a very effective additional lever, such items may yet see their export prices rise , or delays in orders get longer.."trade pressure" can be applied in many ways..including "both ways".
  11. mikesc

    Cowboy Dealer in Ontario

    Most domestic sewing machines ( even the highly expensive , ( more more expensive than many new industrial machine clones ) , versions of Pfaff, Janome etc ) here are sold by shops who sell vacuum cleaners and steam irons..Their idea of servicing and even of parts stocking, is a bad joke..
  12. mikesc

    Making an iphone cover for my girl

    Here they ( the indelible markers .. including Sharpie ) all say that they are water based..maybe with around 30% to 70% ( in the latter case it is indeed more true to say they are alcohol based ) isopropyl alcohol..But they are all far from UV fast.. You see now, that is indeed the luck of the Irish living in Ireland :) Here, in Brittany ( despite being Irish ) if I want "indelible", it is black, blue, red, green, purple occasionally.
  13. I feel your pain Tom.. Speaking of sets of taps and dies..Whoever makes and sells a set of Singer tools ( including taps and dies for the old ones ) will get my business ( and I think, that of many others ) , problem is that Singer seem to have changed their threads "back in the day" depending on the weather.
  14. Europe being a bigger market, the Chinese and the Indians ( who Europe, the USA, Canada? Australia , New Zealand, Africa, South America, Russia, Polynesia etc etc * ) get most of their manufactured goods from, will eventually make all metric..The reason an 11mm will fit over a 10 mm and "confuse" is because metric nuts and bolts "increment" in smaller "jumps" ( millimetres ) than imperial nuts and bolts..which tend to go up in "eighths"..which are each around three times bigger than a millimetre..I have tools for all kinds of systems ( comes from owning old classic and vintage motorcycles and cars )..one can never have too many tools :) Could be worse.. Singer threads, nuts, bolts and screws.. * Some states, regions and countries left out for brevity..
  15. mikesc

    Making an iphone cover for my girl

    Depends on the colour they want Fred..Black is no problem ( although it does wear off and fade, any exposure to UV or daylight fades sharpies in particular very fast* ) other colours in "indelible", need to go to an office supply store..Colours tend to be black, red, blue, green..occasionally purple Btw most "indelible" markers are water based, and are probably a version of extremely fine ground pigments in an acrylic liant / base. I used a black Sharpie to mark our address on a new "wheelie bin" ( got it too late in the day to break out the paint ) , forgot about it..two weeks later it had faded to be unreadable..this is far from the sunniest part of France.