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Embossing - How THIN can you go?

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Im looking at getting 2 initials gold foil Embossed onto front of a compendium with a calligraphy style font "Batta Quath".

However even at font size 90 (approximately 3cm high letters), parts of the font are very thin.

Judging from my vernier calipers about 0.25mm at the thinnest point. to about 1.85mm at the thickest.

If i Bold the font, it goes to 0.8mm at thinnest, to 2.4mm at the thickest. Loses its 'elegance' when its emboldened IMO.

Have any of you embossed font so thin?

The other thing i need to know, is 1.5mm veg tan too thin for embossing?

The alternative is i go laser etching, but obviously that makes the gold effect impossible...


Batta Quath font sample.png

Batta Quath font sample BOLD.png

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