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I always use Tokonole on the flesh side after having dip dyed my piece using pro oil dye. Problem is that if parts of it comes on the front side it will leave waxy stains and darken, basically ruining the front of the project. Also if you have small leather grains laying around on your workspace and you use Tokonole it will get glued in to the project as well.  Should I skip using Tokonole? For edges I have to say Tokonole does its job, its great for edges but maintaining it so that it doesn't end up on the front side is tricky. Solution that I see here is to use Tokonole before dyeing but I have heard that it will close the leather fibers and prevent the leather from absorbing any dye. 





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Tokonole doesn't stain.  It dries clear.  What it does is slightly resist the dye.

You can be meticulous about cleanliness to minimize that effect, or use something else instead of Tokonole until after you have dyed it.

Try CMC.  It's awesome for smoothing the backs.  It's not as good as Tokonole but doesn't resist quite as much.  For edges, use hand sanitizer to smooth the edges, then dye, then apply CMC or Tokonole.  If you don't want it to resist dye then just do your edges with water or alcohol or saddle soap.

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