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Hytronic cutting press series 50 37-36

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Hi folks! I’m new to the forum, I hope this is the right place to post this. I’m considering purchasing a Hytronic cutting press that came up for sale for a good price (I think?) but I really don’t know anything about them so I don’t know what I’m getting myself into. Google search isn’t giving me much info about the press, I’m wondering if the person selling it didn’t give me the whole model number, or if there just isn’t any info online about these things. 
It’s in the seller’s storage so I can’t test it out first, but I want it to cut 5oz chromexel pieces with the largest die measuring 12” x 6.” 
My understanding is that the machine is a 220v power, not air compressor.

Any info or familiarity you might have with this machine is appreciated. Thank you! 

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If it is an older swing arm type press most models are pretty much made them same and there are a ton of old clicker presses out there. IMO unless the deal is phenomenal and the press looks in good condition I would not buy a press I couldn't test before hand. You could wind up with a 3000 LB paper weight. Finding people that know how to work on them is hard. I had one of my older Fipi presses go down a few years ago and it took my almost 3 years to find someone that could fix it. As for if it would work for what you want? The little bit I could see about it online from one that sold in the past says it's a 25 ton. That is more than enough. I have a 25 Ton and two 15 tons and have not come across anything yet leather wise the 15 tons can't handle even with very involved dies and 14oz leather.

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