Tippmann Boss "Handstitcher"

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I have a Tippmann Boss for sale. It includes all the accessories included in the photos. Included accessories are: Flatbed table with material guide, roller material guide, assortment of needles and tools, 8+ spare bobbins, Spare presser feet (fleece/fabric foot, left zipper, right zipper, center and standard), LED work light, and stirrup attachment base. Includes manual.

I'm the original owner. I've had it for a little over a year but I haven't used it for a few months since I bought my Ferdco. I was planning on keeping it for a while but I have upgraded to a bigger and faster machine. This stitcher works great and does nice leatherwork. I will include a roll or two of serafil 10 (tex270/277) bonded polyester thread if you'd like. This machine sells for around $1400 new and includes several hundred in extra accessories to do just about anything you need.

I'd really like to stick to local pickup in the Tucson, AZ, area but I would be willing to ship it if I have to. I'm asking $1150 for it and shipping would be extra. I need to scrounge up a heavy duty box to package it. I have the high-res photos available if you are interested. I wanted to get these on the post so I exported them lower quality.

IMG_2444 (1).jpeg

IMG_2443 (1).jpeg

IMG_2442 (1).jpeg

IMG_2441 (1).jpeg

IMG_2440 (1).jpeg

IMG_2439 (1).jpeg

IMG_2438 (1).jpeg

IMG_2437 (1).jpeg

IMG_2436 (1).jpeg

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