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Singer 97-10

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For sale my Singer 97-10

If you have a large quantity of union lockstitch parts I would consider a partial trade. I'm determined to get mine running.

This machine is awesome. I bought 2 of these several years ago and I love them. I'm guessing it was last gone through in '94 as the wax says. I haven't had to work on it at all. It has a needle feed with a jump foot that will feed an inch of leather no problem.

It shows it's age but works great. It's huge, below is a photograph with a milk jug for reference. I have the head off the stand for moving, it is very heavy, probably 180 pounds. The cast iron base is probably 300 pounds. It has a nice locking table that swings out of the way if you need. If you can bring help to load it that would be preferable.

The motor is not included.

$1000 located near Anacortes, Washington. I'm only selling it because I'm moving soon and my back aches thinking about hauling two of these. If it doesn't sell, once I move it I reckon I'll hold onto it for redundancy. It's way more machine than I need, but it's such a blast to make stuff on.



Here is an example of the stand, but it's not pedal-powered. I'll see if I can't push it out for a better photo, but it's hard to move by myself.


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Sold! Gonna miss this one...

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