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  1. I can't find this navigating from the regular forum, did I put it in the wrong area? Thanks John
  2. Will trade for Union Lockstitch parts. For sale are 3 single needle Puritan OS XL Hi Post machines for production work. Very heavy, probably 150 pounds each. Two have some surface rust on the wheels. DISCLAIMER: I've never used them to make anything. The wheels spin freely and all assemblies appear to move and function as intended. Made for heavy work, punches through 3/4 inch of leather like butter. As they are capable of stitching a textile to plywood or sheet metal they work well for making hard luggage and instrument cases. I decided I like to stick to simple things like belts, wallets, and bags. Tables and motors are not included. From Puritan: Luggage: Portfolios, attaché and brief cases: camera, instrument and musical instrument cases; golf club covers; handbags, medical bags and school bags; sample cases, and utility kits; footlocker and trunks. Sporting Goods: Golf bags (sides, tops, bottoms, cuffs, rings, collars): footballs and Cricket balls; body and head protectors, guards and pads; baseball gloves and mitts; punching and striking bags; athletic supporters; hockey, ice and roller skate boots and shoes; saddlery. Please research and understand the pros and cons of a lockstitch vs a chainstitch and their appropriate applications. $400 each, or make an offer for the lot. Will also trade for Union Lockstitch parts.
  3. BergSteiger

    Singer 153K103

    For sale is my Singer 153K103 You can see it is in great shape and comes with an adjustable, spring loaded edge guide that drops down. The stitch length is adjusted at the handwheel from 6-12 stitches per inch. The threads on the stitch regulator are intact (pictured). The face plate is missing, but I may be able to find it. They run 10-15 dollars on fleabay. 500 OBO
  4. Hello! I'm John, I've been a lurker on this forum for years. My interest in working with textiles started about 10 years ago while I was in the Navy, when I worked late on some machines for shop access to fix a torn rucksack I needed to repair ASAP, which pulled me in to accumulating and fixing old sewing machines as a hobby. I've enjoyed being able to make alterations to equipment for specialized applications, and to make leather goods for my family and friends. 10 years later, and I've decided to leave the Navy to pursue Mechanical Engineering. As I felt I did not have much experience to contribute, I never got around to making an account here until last year. I'm planning for this hobby to turn into a supplementary income for my family while I pursue my degree. Facing a new living situation and a smaller workspace I will be downsizing my collection of machines to only what I need to make items like belts, bags, wallets, etc. And a few favorites of course. Thanks for helping me fix machines all these years! John
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