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Howdy all,

it is not often I have time to think about who, what , where, when and how so I figured I would reach out to the experts in the leather field. First and foremost, thank you for any help that is supplied. I know how the saddle making process works in part, since I have had a few made, but these babies I recently purchased just because they intrigued me have left me baffled.  I am also far away from my home in Nevada, so I need some recommendations for someone near NJ who can repair a saddle horn leather and any other needed repairs to these old beauties. . 

That being said. This is saddle number one I purchased online just because I have a thing for saddles with buckstiching and while not what is a typical buckstich, the white detail on the saddle caught my eye. 

The horn needs to be repaired and the rear off billet needs to be duplicated. 

The fenders and the skirt are finished on the back side, which I find interesting. 

I used a camera that gets into small places to really look for a maker's mark or any identification and found none. The hardware is all brass.

There are holes in the skirts, where there was probably silver plates that were removed and all the Conchos were replaced with leather rosettes with brass screws. 

Any info anyone might have on this type saddle would be appreciated. someone suggested it was a Chinese made saddle, but I have no idea if that is even in the realm of possibilities. 

Thank you again in advance for any info or suggestions for a saddle repair person near NJ. 

Please feel free to email me or post any questions on site. 



Saddle 1.jpg

Saddle 2.jpg

saddle 3.jpg

saddle 4.jpg

saddle 5.jpg

Saddle 6.jpg

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