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Musings of a 4H leader

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Last night I survived another general meeting of my local 4H group. Next week I will start my first class teaching leather crafting to them and if it works out, I'll continue with it. It should be a lot of fun, but right now we are having trouble getting books for them, but I'll use an older version as a guide and will start them off with a boring session of what they need to do and a little of the history of leather.I have four kids signed up, ranging in age from 10 to 16. From what I understand there hasn't been a leather crafting instructor for many years and the kids and parents are excited that I volunteered to do this. I was talking with some of the parents last night and they were able to purchase tools from Tandy at a discount, as the store was having a sale when they called and they got some really good deals. I just hope that I can keep the butterflies in my stomach under control to get me through this first session.Next week will be a busy time for me as far as leather working is concerned. Wednesday I will teach how to carve a leaf to my local leather guild - should be easy enough. Thursday is the 4H class and then on Saturday I have an appointment to meet with the supervisor of a historical group, to see about putting some of my leather things on sale in thier giftshop on consignment. This last thing was sort of pushed onto me by someone who really likes my work and thought that she would help me out by getting me some exposure.As far as this blog thing is concerned, I really like the idea that we leather crafters have a place to voice ourselves. I just hope it catches on just as quickly as the LW.net forum has.

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