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The ramblings of a leather crafter

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I call my self a hobbiest when it comes to leather crafting. I started out by making everything that Tandy put out until I ran out of friends and family to give hand made items to. A job took me away from leather for a few years, but when I retired I wanted to get back into it again, which I did. I switched from making belts (which I found out that I hate to make) and billfolds, to pictorials. I've interred many items into the IFoLG shows and won several ribbons, which helps my ego a little. Lately I've signed up with 4H to be a leather craft instructor and my first class, with 4 kids, will be next week. I'm looking forward to teaching this class and I've been to several general meetings and am very impressed with what I see.I've always wanted to start a blog, to just do what this opportunity has given me, and I want to thank Johanna for giving me and others like me the chance to just ramble when we want to. I don't know how many times I'll post here, but it will be one site I'll keep coming back to. I hope many of you take advantage of what Johanna offers, so far I can't complain about the coffee, but the donuts are always gone when I come here. Until next time......

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