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I need help my W153 is no catching the bobbin and the top tread is winding around the bobbin case and jamming the machine. I have the hook set right and am unhinged the right needle and treads to match. Any help would help...


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Hey guys,new to the blog. Just got a 42-5 and trying to get some info and find a place to get help keeping the monster running. I mainly would like to slow it down a little. Can a 42-5 be slowed to the 400 spm that the 42-1 runs? If so how. I was reading on here that he bobbins are hard to come by, I got 12 with mine so I should be good.

i mainly want ti sew at a slow speed with a lot of power to punch thru thicker material.

If anyone has any info on how to change the speed on my 42-5 with electric motor, 

i am all ears.


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Smaller pulley on the motor, larger wheel on the sewing machine head, speed reduction pulley set, and a servo motor are all options to help reduce speed.  The combination of the speed reduction pulley set and a servo motor will get you the best low speed and power to punch through tough leather.

You can do a search here and find lots of info on all of these options.


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I just spent the last month building one good JUKI LU-563 out of two "parts" LU-563's and one stripped down "LU-562- no reverse option." Your forum pages, the UVE Youtube videos, and David Upholstery in Aberdeen, NC, have all contributed to my understanding how to do my project.  I just made the first sewing machine stitch I ever made in my entire life.  Actually ten stitches in a row.  Of course, I made every mistake there is to make, but I did see previous comments from you guys, about what to look for and explaining about every mistake I made.  Now for setting the bobbin tension for 138 thread, and then setting the top tension disks to center the stich between the layers of leather.  Thanks to all your help, even though you probably didn't know you were helping.

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