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  1. Thank you both for the information, it was definitely helpful!
  2. Hello! I am new to this forum and to leather working. I have been giving the opportunity to take my pick of either a Singer 211G155 or an Adler 67GK373. Supposedly both run, but they have been sitting unused in a garage for a few years. I am going to drive over there and try them out next weekend. I'm not new to sewing machines, but I'm not confident in my abilities to assess how well they run. Assuming both seem to run fine, any recommendations on which would be a better choice? I've read that the Singer doesn't have reverse, but I'm aware there are work arounds to that. And I'm assuming the Singer will be easier to find parts for in the US. I've also read not to take the Adler if it doesn't have a rubber belt. Is one better than the other for beginner leather work? Does one of them handle certain materials better than the other? Anything else that I should be aware of? Thanks for any input!
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