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  1. I have a Ferdco 1010, and generally have pretty good luck with it. The issue I am having lately is that whenever I get to the end of a line of stitching which is next to something like a buckle, riggin plate, etc., and turn around and backstitch 3 or 4 stitches, the top side of the stitches are great, but the bottom side turns into a big wadded up mess. It lookes like the thread coming from the top gets a kink in it and so doesn't pull the lock back up in the middle of the leather. Does anyone have any ideas on this? Otherwise the stitches look great. I should mention that most of the time when this happens it is where the leather is a little thicker after having wrapped around a buckle etc. I would sure appreciate any help you could give me.
  2. Thanks. No I had someone order this one, so I had to skip the one on your tree. I am working on it now, and have the cantle on, the seat in and ready to do the riggin. Your tree sure is a joy to build on so far. I will make sure and post some pictures of it when I get it done.
  3. Thanks for the comments all. The marks on the seat and fenders are something I darn sure need to work on. Its hard when you leave that much smooth out. I also wish the front part of the skirts hadn't come out so long, or at least that it had been cut differently, along with many other things, but I guess thats what keeps you striving to improve.
  4. I finally finished my fourth saddle. There are a few things I would change as always but I think its better than my first three. Would love to hear any comments or critiques. Thanks for looking.
  5. Barry will do a half stamp however you want it. I have two half double rope basket stamps in different sizes and a half of his crazy stamp too. Sure makes it easier on the borders I think.
  6. I have having some very frustrating problems with my Ferdco machine. It is about 2 years old, and I don't sew nearly as much as most as I don't work with leather for a living. The problem I am having is that the machine will not sew straight. If you put a piece of leather in the machine and just let the machine sew, it will sew in a curve until it runs off the side of the leather. If you hold the leather at an angle so it stitches straight then the needle will get pulled off center until it hits outside the little hole and busts the needle. I get to start over on a breast collar I am building because of this, and I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks in advance, Lucas.
  7. Maybe I don't understand what concho you mean? The two rawhide covered rings are to carry a piggin string. I made this saddle for my dad, and he and I both untwist old ropes and braid them back with a ring in one end to use as a piggin string. I also wanted to note that I did make a back cinch for this saddle, I just hadn't put it on yet as he wanted to try it without first.
  8. Here are some pictures of my second saddle. It is built on a Timberline Ray Hunt tree, with a 16" seat, 4 x 3 horn, and a 12 x 5 cantle. I used Herman Oak skirting, and my wife made the mohair cinch. I would sure appreciate any critiques. I'm aware of several things I would change, but I reckon that will have to wait for the next saddle. I have some odds and ends to finish up then I will start on the next one. Thanks for looking.
  9. My dad has always cowboyed for a living, and got started in leatherwork to make the tack that he couldn't afford. Then he started braiding some reins while working on a large ranch in Southern California. He passed down what he had learned, and cowboying for a living myself, I have continued to learn what I can and have recently started building a few saddles, and just finishing my second.
  10. I use the parachute cord for romal reins, some bosalitas, and various other things, and I like to take the core out for everything. I find, for me, it helps my braid lay down better. I use the 450 parachute cord and I get it fron Barre Army Surplus store out of VT I believe. I don't think they intend it for braiding necessarily, but it is the cheapest I have found. Their website is: www.vtarmynavy.com or you can just google Barre Army Store and it will come up on top with a subheading for parachute cord. I just looked and 1000 ft of cord is $48.
  11. It isnt super cold here but the wind speeds are exceeding the temps for sure....I would rather have the cold

  12. I believe winter has arrived in Eden, Wyoming

  13. So I am hoping some of guys whose saddles I drool over every time you post pictures can help me out here. The problem I am having is this. I cut my seat out after I have cased it and drawn it down on the drawn down stand, and I thought I had been very careful not to cut too low on the fork. I think re-cased the seat, taped the back to help prevent stretch, and then tooled the seat. Now as I am getting ready to put the seat back on the saddle and draw down, I find that the front ears have stretched down, so that my cuts on the fork and very close to being too low. I think I am going to be able to save it, but things are VERY close. How do you folks that do this all the time prevent this from happening. I sure appreciate any help you are willing to give. Lucas
  14. Thanks for all the replies. I currently use clear fingernail polish to put the chicago screws in, but still have them come off from time to time. I tried super glue one time, and they damn sure wont come off, but you will twist the head of the screw off before you get it out.....I know this from experience. So I was just kind of looking for some other alternatives. I was also toying with the idea of seeing if a guy could get some conchoes made with two posts in the back and then there would be no way for them to spin, and they might stay tighter to the strap.
  15. I was wondering if any of you out there had a good way to attach conchoes to dove wing spur straps? The pair I have right now, I used chicago screws, but a person has to be careful or they work loose over time. I'm thinking there should be some really clever way to use loop back conchoes but right now my creative process is taking a break...lol. Anyway...I would sure appreciate any help you all would be willing to give.
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