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  1. If I make, say a belt with a lining that's un-dyed, should I use a top coat on the un-dyed side too?
  2. Forgive me if this has been answered but searching came up with too many results. I have a good gun belt made by Ross in South Africa. I just bought it cheap because Ross went out of business. It's supposed to be black, but it's turning blue. What's the best way to repair this? Can I just dye it, or should I used something to strip off the top coat first? Thank you!
  3. What does everyone like for the inside of a gun belt used for Cowboy Action Shooting? Just one piece of unlined leather rough side in? Do you like a lined belt with the smooth sides out? Or do you like a suede lining? Thank you.
  4. I'm really happy with the way this turned out! The first 2 holsters I made were simple Slim Jim holsters with lacing. I've never done this much hand stitching in my life. The outside is 11oz and the lining is 5oz for a 1/4 inch overall thickness. I kept the inside un-dyed but I airbrushed the outside. I poured over this book looking for ideas! I want to make all of them now haha Now I just have to make another left handed one, and I want to make a matching belt too. .
  5. Well I had anticipated that when making it, so there is a significant distance between the lacing / rivets and the actual knife and the leather is molded so tightly around the knife it hardly moves side to side at all, and certainly doesn't move down. When I tried to Google "leather welt" I kept getting results about Goodyear welts and boots. Do you have a link to a thread or site with more information on using welts as described? Thanks again!
  6. Hi everyone...newbie here. This is my first knife sheath, and maybe my 5 or 6th leather project in total. As a lefty, I wanted to carry this knife on my belt but typical...it came with a right handed sheath. this was actually supposed to be a prototype because I didn't think it was going to come out perfect (you know how it is, always *one* thing you would change) so I had chosen a piece of hide that was marked up and didn't make a basket weave pattern as I originally wanted to do. Some of the marks on the leather came from when I wet it and molded it...I clamped it in a vice wrapped in a shop rag and some of the cloth pattern transferred. Also, when using the eco-friendly dye with a sponge it came out foamy and it blotched...so I went with it and used an antiquing dye as well. So, halfway through the project I decided to make it look something akin to a worn in trusty old tool belt. Funny how that happens. I have to thank my girlfriend for the knife. A gift for this hunting season.
  7. Thanks so much! I was trying to remember the double loop stitch and I couldn't for the life of me. There isn't much info on the interweb at all.
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