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  1. Just checked out your website and I think your shields are awesome!

  2. Thanks everyone. Yes. Just south of Charlotte. I'm fairly new to the radio straps. Would you treat a dyed/painted strap with neatsfoot oil then an acrylic top coat? Craig
  3. Thanks Tom. I'll give that a try. I believe that one problem I have is that the straps will bend in both directions - expanding then leveling, then contracting in the other direction. I'm not sure if I'll be able to find a finish to handle that type of movement. Craig
  4. Hello everyone. I make radio straps for firefighters. I’m using Angelus dyes on the strap to color it and any lettering/designs, I also use Angelus paint to boarder any dyed letters/designs. The trouble is I can’t seem to find a good sealer/finishing product that will keep it looking new (well at least as new as possible considering what they are subject to!) – most that I have used look great for the first couple of days, but then they have cracked or peeled. I’ve tried Acrylic Resolene, Saddle Lac, and currently Angelus Acrylic Finish. I’m fairly new at this so please forgive my ignorance. Should the products I’ve mentioned work, and it’s just user error? Any guidance is appreciated. Craig firefightershields@gmail.com www.firefightershields.com
  5. Hello everyone. I'm relatively new to leatherworking - about a year and a half. I found this site today, it’s great! I'm a firefighter who makes leather fire helmet shields and radio straps for other firefighters in my spare time. I've got lots to learn, and hope to pick up some new skills and advice here! If you want to see what I do, you can visit my web site: www.firefightershields.com Thanks for looking. Craig
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