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  1. I've got the dummy guns listed below for sale. $25 each ($20 for the P238) plus $5 shipping for 1 or 2, $10 shipping for 3-6, or $215 shipped for all of 'em. Paypal only as gift or add 3%. Do not message here. Email josh@shopleatherworks.com if interested. Beretta 92 Full Size Browning Hi-Power H&K USP 45 Compact - Duncan's Ruger LC9 - Ring's (safety lever broken off) Sig P220RL - Ring's Sig P238 (older version) - Ring's Sig P938 - Ring's (safety lever cutoff and glued to "engaged" position on left side) Sig SP2022 - Ring's Springfield XD 9/40 4" - Ring's Springfield XDM 3.8 9/40 - Ring's
  2. I can't edit the ad, but it was supposed to be $65 shipped for both....
  3. I have a couple of Ring's blue guns available. The Glock 17 is new and unused and the Glock 19 is very lightly used with a couple of dye stains. $75 shipped for both.... Paypal only (gift or add 3%).... contact josh@shopleatherworks.com if interested....
  4. the Kimber is sold.... all others still available.
  5. I've got the following dummy guns up for sale: Duncan's H&K USP 45 compact S&W M&P 9/40 S&W M&P Pro 5" S&W 442 2" J-frame Kimber 4" 1911 w/rail Ring's H&K USP 9 compact S&W 2" J-frame ASP H&K P2000SK All models have been lightly used. $25 shipped for each model. I'll also sell the whole lot for $175 shipped. Paypal only. Email josh@shopleatherworks.com if interested. Thanks!
  6. I never heard back from mikesmith648 so I still have the following 4 models available.... $35 shipped for one.... $30ea for two or more.... Paypal only.... email josh@shopleatherworks.com if interested.... for today only I'll take $100 shipped for all 4.... Sig 2022 Sig P238 (11/16" slide) Sig P239 S&W 2" J-frame
  7. still have these left.... $35 shipped for one.... $30ea for 2 or more.... Paypal gift only.... email josh@shopleatherworks.com if interested.... Sig 2022 Sig P238 (11/16" slide) Sig P239 S&W 2" J-frame
  8. I've got a small lot of models that I'm no longer making gear for so they're up for sale.... all are Ring's and in like new condition with a couple having dye stains.... $40 shipped for one.... $35ea shipped for 2 or more.... $150 shipped for all 6.... Paypal gift only.... email josh@shopleatherworks.com if interested.... FN5.7 Glock 21SF w/pic rail Sig 2022 Sig P238 (11/16" slide) Sig P239 S&W 2" J-frame
  9. looks great country! just curious.... did you stitch the outer wing or the reinforcement band first?
  10. the rail is the same as the Gen 3's.... the only changes they made externally were to the grip texture, mag release, and the backstrap.... none of which should affect holster function....
  11. thanks guys.... I actually noticed the snap after I took the pics and got it replaced before sending it out to the customer....
  12. wanted to share a couple pics of what's turned out to be my favorite custom rig workup yet.... customer wanted something very similar to a Sparks Axiom for his M&P and this is what I came up with.... comments, opinions, critiques, and criticisms are always welcomed....
  13. I actually wrote the ATF a couple years back on this very topic and asked them the following: I own a gun holster manufacturing company and have had some inquiries into doing custom holsters for guns that I do not have models for. The customer would have to leave their handgun with me for 2-3 days, sometimes up to 2-3 weeks, for the holster to be made. I have told them that I may need a FFL to do this. Would a FFL be required to perform this type of work? Thank you for your help. this was the response I received: This correspondence is in response to your inquiry emailed to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), on February 19, 2010. In your email, you requested to know if an FFL is required to occasionally obtain a firearm from a customer to build a custom holster for their firearm and returning that same firearm to them. Based on the information you provided, as long as you are not do not engaged in the business of manufacturing or dealing firearms, no license would be required. Without an FFL you would be restricted to acquiring firearms from non-licensees who reside within your state. You may want to obtain an FFL, if so visit http://www.atf.gov/f...ome-an-ffl.html or contact the Federal Firearms Licensing Center at (866) 662-2750 or NLC@atf.gov You should also insure you are complying with state laws if they are more restrictive. A listing of many state and local firearms laws can be found at ATF.gov (see ATF P 5300.5 — State Laws and Published Ordinances – Firearms [2008 – 29th Edition]). If you have questions on state laws you should contact the appropriate Attorney General’s office (see http://www.naag.org/). We trust this correspondence has been responsive to your inquiry. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact your local ATF Industry Operations Office. A list of ATF Office telephone numbers can be found at http://www.atf.gov/contact/field.htm. Regards, Firearms Enforcement Branch, ATF jcd
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