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  1. Dwight, Although my work took a sharp right turn some years ago, I had good success drying holsters in a Nuwave oven. Racking my brain to remember, but I think the lowest setting was around 105 deg. F. That's what I used, or the next setting up.
  2. Good Sir, you have slighted my collection of XD/XDM pistols with this comment......GROWL!
  3. The best and most profound poems often appear, outwardly, to be simple constructs. Only through contemplation does the deeper meaning wink at us, if we are lucky. Here we have a beautiful interpretation of a poem constructed from leather and string.... no croc or python skin needed...just a wink sent back to you....if you are lucky. Nice one Dwight. More pics please.
  4. Thanks for the input, everyone. My biggest problem with Go Daddy was getting any exposure on the web. Every time I'd call them for help, all they wanted to do was sell me something. That seems to be their central focus. I don't need bells and whistles, I need exposure and traffic. I can build the website easily enough from any of the template-type companies out there. But how does one get people to find it? Jake
  5. How about a progress report on this old thread?
  6. I may have just answered my own question. I found a page of 30 reviews and the large majority of them are negative.
  7. Have any of you used web.com to build your website? If so, how is it working out? I just dumped my GoDaddy account after a year of dismal results (read: no results), and am looking for an alternative rather than giving up entirely. Jake
  8. Always informative and in a well written and entertaining style. Thanks Mike!
  9. I do not leave the gun or the mold in the holster for drying. After vacuum molding and hand boning, I heat-set the holster in a Nuwave oven for about 5 minutes at around 130°F. Let it cool a few minutes then reinsert the gun/mold for final detailing. I then let it dry completely at room temperature. No less than 24 hours. It takes a firm set with a low risk of cracking from drying too rapid. Afterward. I condition with Bick 4 followed by my usual finishing process depending on what is desired.
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