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  1. Thank you St8LineGunsmith, It has been very useful over the past several years.
  2. Thank you very much for the awsome compliments, Bluesman! I did put my heart into this when I was building it. I made this from start to finish with my hands and hand tools. the only power tools I owned at the time were a jigsaw and a drill. I did all the shaping with a hand rasp and sand paper. the metal plate with the teeth for holding the clamp shut was cut out with the jigsaw and smoothed down with a file. If anyone has any questions about how this was made feel free to ask, I'd be honored to help where I can. Thank you, Sam
  3. This is a homemade stitching pony that I made about 12 years ago out of some scraps I had lying around. It is the ideal height, for me, while sitting in my desk chair or my recliner while lacing. I designed the jaws to swivel on the footboard because I like to have my project lengthways to me while saddle stitching and crossways to me while double and triple loop lacing. The jaws have two locking positions for this purpose. The clamp on the jaws has multiple teeth for adjusting to different thicknesses and is easy to make quick changes without having to have constant foot pressure to hold the piece in place, so I can get up to get more coffee. The interior strap is also adjustable just in case it ever has to hold something larger than normal. It is a very simple design that has served me well, I have used this stitching pony to stitch or lace many, many projects over the past several years. To view some photos of my leather work please visit http://www.facebook.com/DeVilbissLeather
  4. A front-pocket wallet I designed and built for a friend. To view photos of some of my other work please visit: facebook.com/DeVilbissLeather
  5. Thank you, Cheryl. This was my very first try at tooling a horse. I couldn't find enough pictures online of a horse in the right pose to give me something to go by, so I just had to make do and play it by ear. I'm glad my customer absolutely loved it. That makes me feel so good, it was worth it. Thanks again, Sam
  6. Thank you very much. I will post some photos of the finished product.
  7. Thank you, Ken. Actually I didn't use the hair tool, I used a swivel knife for the hair. I think it makes more realistic looking hair. I never was very sucessful at using the hair tool, it never looks real.
  8. Concealed caryy holster for Taurus PT709 "slim" www.facebook.com/DeVilbissLeather
  9. vansam

    MK III - 1.JPG

    Thank you Jeff. I will definitely check out that link. This holster was not designed to shoot through - there is no opening for the shell to eject.
  10. vansam

    MK III - 1.JPG

    Thanks for the info, I was not aware of that. I have never heard of a "class III license". I will look into that. Again thank you very much. Regards, Sam
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