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  1. thanks guys! best wishes MEli - world is small, it's true I use KENDA FARBEN dyes from Italy. another ranger belt with handmade buckle of 440C steel of course there is a possibility of exchange buckle too. Color Beaver Brown
  2. I would like to show you not only sheaths but also other leathercraft works. I present to you Ranger Belt. I wear my belt every day but belt was made only for bushcraft. I made buckle of D2 steel and it was the coolest. There is a possibility of exchange buckle.
  3. I found one day for making a sheath for my friend which knives you maybe know I hope - Marcin Słysz from Poland. Specification of Sheath: Leather cow - "Two Grain" Neatsfoot oil Tan kote and some pics:
  4. For a long time I demonstrated nothing so at the end of year, some of my last work I want to show below. I hope that in the following year, again I will have something for you to showing. Best regards Sly
  5. And another excellent work done by MS from Poland. I had the pleasure to make sheath for him and here it is...
  6. Another weekend in the workshop and they are... Finish these toys are Fiebings Dye, Neatsfoot Oil and Tan Kote. Certainly this sheaths a very long time will serve the owner...
  7. Mnandi and three of his pouches. One slip-style, two of the next belt loop. This is a very small knife and I have to admit that is the smallest pouches which I did - it was not easy for leather thickness 2.2mm.
  8. I have got a chance to making sheath for a legendary Strider and here is. Additionally I did a sheath for one of polish custom knife - knifemaker Yahoo best regards
  9. Modeling is able to become second nature! I begin to slowly move away from this form creation of sheath. Ok, I would like but people don't let me. Beautiful knife - my wife like him very much. The pouch was supposed to be a set to the present! The owner is very satisfied. best sly
  10. It was a quick order. I got eight hours to make a sheath and her is. Spyderco Bushcraft sheath. I still looking for a way in Poland to finish leather unless I'll buy Acrylic resolene maybe it is appropriate? I saw that many great sheathmakers uses this measure or something similar. Some pics And this a little thing. Jim Burke 2" slipjoint. Fantastic knife.
  11. What I want to show you today is these are cases. Folder "No17" made my best friend. cases had the impression the phone cases. They were supposed to not show form of the knife. One (black) in the business style and second (Brown) more laid-back to the jeans. Let's some pics... best Sly
  12. I use 2.5mm tickhness cow leather. It is ideal thickness for modeling of the leather such a things as folders sheaths. best Sly
  13. Hi Madmax22 Yes, stitch lines are a little far away from the molded area but not without a reason. Line of sewing was carry in order to properly grasp wide belt loop on back sheath. Of course glue is very strong so he won't let go. best regards
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