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  1. I'm about to start a belt holster for a J Frame revolver. I want to reinforce the opening with an extra piece of leather. Should I stitch it on, or just glue it on? My only concern with stitching is that the stitching line on the inside of the holster will get worn by drawing and re-holstering the gun. I making it rough side out if that makes any difference. Thanks
  2. If I have a light colored leather that came dyed from the tanner, can I darken the leather with dye or some other product? If so, how do I do this and what product (dye) is best?
  3. King's X, Thanks for the offer, but I'm going to need some pretty flexible leather for the projects I have in mind. If anyone else has some, I'd be interested! Other colors or order exotics as well. I need one piece about 4"x6" and another about 2.5" by 8". They don't need to be the same color or type of leather as they are for different projects. Thanks
  4. I'm in need of 3/4 square foot of brown shark leather. Anyone know where I can get this? Crocodile or Alligator could be substituted. Thanks
  5. I always seem to have problems setting snaps and getting them to work properly. I'd like some advise on the best way to set them, so they work properly. Or perhaps an option for a type of snap that doesn't use a setting tool. I've also had problem with rivets, but then found blue jean rivets that just tap together without a setter. I find these much easier to use. Suggestions please? Specifically I need to make a holster with belt loops that snap on/off.
  6. I'd like to know how long delrin stamps last? I'd like to have a custom stamp made for a belt & holster project. Metal stamps seem to be cost prohibitive for a single project. Delrin stamps are priced right, but will it last long enough. The stamp size is less than 1" and would cover the entire belt surface and some of the holster trim. Does it matter where I have the delrin made, are some makers better than others? Do you have a recommendation? Thanks
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