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  1. I have a set of 3 Bob Beard (black crack) bevelers for sale. 285$ Shipped.  Used once only as an example on leather. I had an opportunity to buy a couple of bob beards professional series sets and jumped on them. This set however, I never got to around to using. 

    B1, B2, B3 smooth bevelers 

    If interested message or email me. Thanks, Jeremy 




  2. On 2/17/2018 at 1:11 PM, Stetson912 said:

    @jxtime, how well do those work with lettering? I imagine the steep angle is better for lettering as well as Sheridan because of how close your lines get right?

    @Stetson912Yes, they work pretty good and one is about 1/16th of an inch width for tight spots. Very happy with them. He will also work with you as far as what your needs are. At least he used to. I bought these about 4-5 years ago. But great guy. 

  3. On July 20, 2015 at 5:52 PM, Mark842 said:

    Hi all,

    The long story short is I just purchased a gold mine of leather and tools from a gentleman that was a life long saddle maker. He retired "several years" back according to him after 50 years in the business. For whatever reason he decided to sell all his stuff at a very good price.

    I've been working my leather business a few years now and have a bunch of tools but have come across something I have not seen and I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with them so I don't ruin them. the name on the set is KonaKraft Tools from the Nocona Belt Co.

    This is a die set, full alphabet and a few other pieces for the ends of the words. It cuts out around the letters a s shown in the photos. I can find no info on this set online. I can find plenty of places selling Nocona belts but all I can find on KonaKraft is trademark gibberish.

    I did the two letters with a 5lb maul on a pound mat. It cut the letters decent but because of the deflection in the pound mat it shows the outline of the die. So, the big question. I have a 26 ton clicker press and the ole' Harbor freight 12 ton bottle jack press. Anyone know if these dies will stand up to being pressed into a poly type board like my clicker press has? I don't want to bug the guy I purchased them from because he really doesn't remember everything he had. It literally took two uUhaul trucks and Durango jam packed to the gills to get everything he had. All the tools, dies, etc were all packed neatly in plastic totes years ago. With running my business it is probably going to take me 10 years to unpack all this stuff...

    I've tried to post pic's but I guess I don't know how.






    Hi mark, 

    i was wondering if you are interested in selling this set, if you still have it. Been looking for one for a while or if you happen to know anyone or where I might be able to get one from, that would be great. Thanks, Jeremy 

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