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  1. I have a set of 3 Bob Beard (black crack) bevelers for sale. 285$ Shipped. Used once only as an example on leather. I had an opportunity to buy a couple of bob beards professional series sets and jumped on them. This set however, I never got to around to using. B1, B2, B3 smooth bevelers If interested message or email me. Thanks, Jeremy firstinleather@yahoo.com
  2. @Stetson912Yes, they work pretty good and one is about 1/16th of an inch width for tight spots. Very happy with them. He will also work with you as far as what your needs are. At least he used to. I bought these about 4-5 years ago. But great guy.
  3. I have also bought custom bevelers and another set specially made for my specs from Clay. Great guy to work with. I also got him before he was making so many differnt tools. I love his bevelers he made for me they are my go to and are used daily. They were also Sheridan style because I like the steep pitch.
  4. Hi mark, i was wondering if you are interested in selling this set, if you still have it. Been looking for one for a while or if you happen to know anyone or where I might be able to get one from, that would be great. Thanks, Jeremy
  5. jxtime

    Blues Belt

    This was Made for Blues Man "FRED"
  6. jxtime

    Harmonica Belt

    Custom Harmonica belt for Blues Man "FRED"
  7. jxtime


    This was made for a classic old High Eagle Leather Fire Helmet..
  8. jxtime


    High Eagle helmet shield
  9. Hi Ed, I was wondering if i could get a price quote for both styles of mauls you make. White and the brown. also, associated cost with handles that may be different layers of wood. Thank You, Jeremy


  10. Hi Ed, Love the mauls you have created they are beauties!!! I was wondering what your price ranges from on both the white and the brown mauls? also, as far as handles is there more cost involved when getting multiple colored layers in the handle. Thanks!!
  11. jxtime


    1" Leather stamps that cut out around the letters. I've seen this set on eBay before but can't remember what they are called or where else to find. Any help/info about these would be great. Thanks!
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