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  1. Thanks. If i get all of my ducks in a row, i will post a pic or two of the finished product. rlh3
  2. Thanks for the great how-to. I have quite a bit of experience on the lathe, I have been turning for almost ten years, I had just never thought of combining my leatherwork with the lathe... a couple of questions: Do you use contact cement for all of the gluing? (you mention it on the tube insertion, but not on the "board" assembly.) Have you tried this with a 7mm tube? the pen in your photos looks to be a bit larger tube. The only kits I have on hand are some Woodcraft Europeans. Lastly, is your finish a1:1 mix of lacquer and Neatsfoot? Thanks again for the write-up, it helps alot. rlh3
  3. welcome to the site

  4. Sorry to resurrect such an old post, but I gotta ask, do you punch the leather for the pen tube before gluing or do you drill after glue-up? I can see advantages and disadvantages to both... Hmmm, must experiment...
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