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  1. I have left a message for the Stohlman Museum, waiting for a call back
  2. Thanks, they are very nice and should be seen by more people. The stallion saddle is really something in person, have not seen anything like it. I may call the Stohlman Museum about putting them there, much better then them sitting under a blanket in my spare room.
  3. Started this post in 2012 and could never get the pictures to upload, hope it works this time. I have these saddles in a room I hardly ever go into so it has slipped my mind but they are so beautiful I really wanted to share them. According to Ellis not many have ever seen these particular saddles. I acquired these saddles from Ellis Barnes of the Legendary G&H tool company. These were made for ellis and his wife as a present from Al and Ann. They are unridden and really quite something, the one made for Ellis is a storyline of a stallion. Please enjoy them!
  4. I always agree with that, just trying to warn people. Anyone is free to p.m. me for details. If anyone can get ahold of Bill, I would appreciate them telling him about the post and maybe he will call me to resolve the situation.
  5. Was in my storage room the other day and peeked in the protective cases at these two Stohlman saddles I have had for years. It occurred to me that what a shame it was that I only look at them a few times a year and that nobody else has really ever seen these saddles. I have been told by a few that they are possibly the best Stohlman saddles in existence. Whether they are or are not they are beautiful and I wanted to share them with you guys who can appreciate them. I purchased these from Ellis Barnes of the legendary G & H tool company. I was in his shop with few other saddle makers and we were chewing the fat when he asked me to climb up a ladder into the loft of his shop and grab the saddles under the blanket. Imagine our surprise when they were two unridden saddles that Al had made Ellis and his wife, I guess they were all pretty tight. After some discussion with Ellis I ended up taking them home. Please enjoy them Sorry it wont accept my pics. They are small JPEGs, I will try to figure it out
  6. Be very careful when dealing with Bill Gomer. 10 years aga he came to ARizona and did his saddle making class. I was the only student in the class and we became friends (or so I thought). Eight years ago he asked me to commission a saddle from him. He was going to do another saddle making dvd series and the saddle made on the dvd was to be mine when finished. I gave Bill a $5000 deposit (I know alot of money but he wanted to hire the people to produce his dvd and I wanted to help him). Long story short, never got my saddle or a refund. First few years he would always have and excuse about production of the video being delayed so he couldn't start the saddle, etc. A few years ago he moved so I had no info for him. Called around other saddle makers I knew to see if anyone had contact info for him. In making these calls I found out that I was not the only one looking for him and not the only one who's projects were not completed after deposits were made. I've have tried to contact him many more times, actually once more before I wrote this and he just hangs up on me when he hears my name. Buyer beware, I dont want to see anyone else get burned. Phil
  7. Trying to upload pics to start a new post. It allows me to select the pictures but than the bar graph reaches the end of the upload on the first pic and it never finishes uploading, it just keeps spinining. Any help? Name: PHILIP MAZZIO UserName: PMAZZIO IP Address: Email Address: phil@mazziomotorsports.com
  8. Trying to start a new topic and add picturec. When I click the picture I want to upload it start and the bar graph gets to the end of the first pic but never finishes. Any help, Thanks Name: Phil MAzzio UserName: PMAZZIO IP Address: Email Address: phil@mazziomotorsports.com
  9. You can go to NAPA and buy a die in the can that will cover anything. I just did a seat for one of our offroad vehicles and it came out great. It was made by Duplicolor
  10. Mollard, It is hard to give you advice without having any idea what the item will be used for, are you trying to protect against water, sun, etc. Please keep in mind that maybe what you should be concentrating on what kind of tanning would be best for your project. For instance I make CV Boots out of different leather than saddle bags. Hope this helps a little
  11. Thank you that is the exact type of info I was looking for. I'll let you know how the first project goes. Thanks Again Phil
  12. Hi, First post, I would like to make some leather items turned in a lathe, maul handles and such. Has anyone here done it? Specifically when making the blank do you glue the layers together and if so what kind of glue? I was also wondering about what speed to turn at and if you would just use regular wood tools? All input is truly appreciated. Thanks Phil

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