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  1. Here is a link to the Guilds recognized by the IFOLG https://www.ifolg.net/uploads/1/1/2/4/112415769/guilds_of_the_ifolg_2021_-_2022.pdf
  2. Also we have a Facebook page up and running just for the show, It can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/929902254667214 When going to our FB page look under the files section and you will find forms if you are wanting to be an instructor, Also forms if you want to be a vendor are there too. There is also a link to the hotel to get the special rate too. If you know of anyone who is not on Facebook and wants to have these forms emailed to them please let me know.
  3. I have attached the flyer to the 2023 IFLOG show in Topeka, Ks this year. Here is a link to our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/929902254667214
  4. Also, just because there is not a Guild close you don't mean you can join one. Several of the guilds have a web based on line group to join in. Much like this, only difference is you have to be a paid member. I know our dues for Santa Fe Trail is 30.00 for house hold, 20.00 individual and 15.00 for under 18 years old. So it is affordable.
  5. Open the link below. When you go to the IFOLG web site click on Competition Registration forms. There will pop up several options. then click on "Guilds of the IFOLG" guilds_of_the_ifolg_2021_-_2022.pdf
  6. I thought I would start a discussion on the International Federation of Leather Guilds, what is it and what the IFOLG does. Also what benefit does it have to join a Leather Guild that is also a member of the IFOLG. First what is the IFOLG. It is a world wide organization that has a leather competition every year. During that competition a leather worker that belongs to a guild that is recognized by the IFOLG is eligible to enter leather pieces that will be judged. There a 4 main levels of competition, Open, Advanced, Master and Grand Master. In each level there are many classes that a person can enter, pictures, belts, wallets, purses, motorcycle gear and the list goes on. There are also special classes for those over 65, those under 18 and partners. The IFOLG is the only organization in the world that has the ability to classify a leather worker by their ability. Anyone can enter the open division and after you win 10 1st places you are moved to the Advanced level to show. In advanced you have to win 10 1st places in order to be moved to the Masters. To be moved to the Grand Masters you must win 1st places in many different areas and be nominated by the show committee and be voted on to advance to the Grand Masters. Also if you enter into the Advanced category and win a ribbon you are stuck in advanced palmately. You can't go back to open any longer. Also during these shows we bring in top notch instructors from all over the world to teach classes. These classes go on over a 3-4 day period. There is a vendor room where vendors of the leather world bring their wears to demonstrate and sell. The is also the Guild Display room where each Guild sets up a table with a display to be judged by your peers. There is always a raffle room, many businesses and individuals alike donate items to put in the raffle. The raffle is usually on Sunday morning at the end of the show. Friday morning starts with the competitors entering their items to be judged. Judging starts at 6:00 pm on Friday night. Saturday the Competition room is open to the public so you can look at all the awesome items people have entered as see how they placed. Saturday night is the Awards banquet where everyone who placed are announced and given their Awards and or find if they move up to another level. It is a good time and I personally look forward to the show every year as it is the only time I get to visit with old friends, make new friends and do some networking. I also get to spend some of my money with the vendors. There is nothing like getting to feel and look at the leather and the tools before you buy. I guilds if you don't know is like a club of leatherworker who get together and you learn from each other. But in order to compete you must belong to a guild that is recognized by the IFOLG. If you are a member of a guild that is not, and you want to be, you must make application to the governors board to be approved. I am a member of the Santa Fe Trail Leather Artists Guild in Kansas. If this is something that you would like to be a part of. Let me know. If you have questions, let me know I would love to answerer them or just get involved in a discussion about the IFOLG. For more information on competition and rules and classes you can go to the website.... WWW.IFOLG.Net
  7. Saw him at Ft Worth and he seems to be back to normal, well normal for him.
  8. I think you have a P 260. There were two in that set alike P 250 and P 260 I have a P 250 and am looking for a 250 Good luck in your search. I cannot find them in any of my old catalogs so not sure of the age but they have to by after 1965 or so when they went to the Letters and numbers.
  9. Sheridan Style was basically created by Don King, Sheridan, Wy. If you look at King's tooling it is very tight patterns with little background area. He made his own tools to do this style as he needed steep bevelers to get into these tight areas as well as Thumbprints that are basically a long and narrow pearshader just to name a couple. All the early saddle makers had their own style and made their tools accordingly to fit that style. The Porter Style came out of the Porter Saddle shop in Arizona and Vista (Spanish Influnce) in California, it had big flowers with big leaves and tended to have a lot of background area. Now we have several styles that influence tooling, Northwest (Jessie Smith) Texas, (Jim Linnell) just to name a couple. And there is Randy's style, which is what I use. I try not to copy one specific style but incorporate several different styles to make my own.
  10. It was about 1973 or close to it, I had an art teacher in grade school that had a 6 week course on leather work. I got hooked, got a Tandy Leathercraft kit for Christmas that year. Over the years I have picked it up and laid it aside but whenever I needed a belt, wallet or something for the horse I got it back out. Got my first cell phone in about 1995 or so. That cheep holder that came with it would not do so I got out the tools and made one. Everyone saw it and wanted one. My business started there. I was basically self taught, Just Al Stohlman and all the books and pattern packs I could afford. I got the internet in 1996 or so and found that there were others who did leather too. I learned from those I became friends with through the IILG and later this forum. Went to my first IFoLG show in 2005 and got hooked showing and then later as a judge. My son won the Ann Stohlman Youth Award in Leather Craft. I am retired now and basicly just work in my leather shop, It keeps me as busy as I want to be. About the time I get caught up the phone rings and I get busy again. My hobby has turned into an obsession As a side note I used to be on Leatherworker all the time and I have kind of drifted away but I plan on coming back and hanging around some more. Maybe just to lurk.
  11. I had an art teacher who did a 6 week class on leather work, I was hooked. Got a Tandy kit for Christmas that year and as they say the rest is history.
  12. Springfield leather buy large lots of c grade from HO but HO cannot fill all of the order with C grade and has to fill it with B grade. I think that he fills the orders to large institutions with the C grade and holds the B grade back for people like us to use. It's hard to get an A grade with American Cattle right now.
  13. I don't like to put products down but I would stay away from the boss as a first machine, I had one and they are somewhat hard to stay adjusted. I would suggest spending a little more money and get one of the Juki 440 clones that several vedors sell. It will be money well spent. They will sew light weight material from about 5 oz all the way up to 3/4 inch of skirting stacked. You can use a flat bed with them to sew garment as well as heavy stuff. Just my oponion. RC
  14. Wet edges, slide the bar soap across the edges to lay down the fibers, then take a piece of canvas or blue jean material and work in the saddle soap from can into the cloth or canvas then rub edges briskley until you get a slick finish. Seal with edge dressing...
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