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  1. I have been using Fiebings’ ProDye and have difficulty getting a uniform color. I apply it with either dauber or dipping. The color black comes out fine. But other colors will have uneven color. On projects that have tooling I apply oil and let it dry. If not tooled, I dye without oil. Any thoughts on how I can improve?
  2. I agree. It surprised me to see the strap burnished by hand. Thanks for the response.
  3. I’ve seen several videos where a strap or belt is set on edge within some sort of slotted apparatus that supports the strap. It allows the edge to be burnished. Since I’ve never seen one from any distributor I assume it is DYI. Has anyone seen a plan for the device?
  4. I have been using Fiebing's Antique Finish and am accomplished using it. That said, I have experienced difficulty trying to duplicate the color from one project to the next. I suspect that the problem is definitely not the antique finish itself, but rather the tanning process used on the various hides that I have purchased. I buy my leather from a leather wholesaler in the garment district of Los Angeles. The hides are always in good condition with few range marks, brands, etc. Their appearance is always the same no matter where in the pile I happen to pull my piece from. I usually apply the medium brown color and have noticed differences in how the color comes out. Recently, I decided to make a belt for myself using better quality blank. So, I ordered a Herman Oak (HO) blank from a mid-western supplier, since the Herman Oak supplier here in California did not sell HO belt blanks. I prepared the blank (after carving and stamping) as usual: oiled it then applied TanKote as the resist. When I removed the excess antique, I immediately noticed that the color was a beautiful medium brown, which was even better looking when I applied TanKote. Today, I finished a very detailed carving/stamping project on a purse. I went through the same process and got a color that was totally unlike that of the HO belt. What the heck! Yes, it looks antique. Yes, it is very attractive. But, no it isn't the color that I'd hoped for. So, with that lengthy preamble: my question. Am I correct that the differences in color from one project to the next are due to the leather itself having been tanned using various tanning agents unique to the tannery? I know when I asked the wholesaler about the hides, they told me that they purchased from various places such as Brazil and other South American countries, presumably Mexico also. I would appreciate hearing opinions from others who perhaps have experiences like mine. It would be great to purchase HO hides but, frankly, my customers would not be willing to fork out the bucks to upgrade to HO.
  5. I have been experiencing some blotchy dye results. Using veg-tanned 4/5 and 6/7 for a leather visor and Pro Dye, I had a blotchy finish that was unacceptable. The 6/7 dyed evenly. Using a swab i applied the dye as usual. But when it was dry the leather was blotchy. Some areas had dark patches. Unsightly and unacceptable. Any thoughts?
  6. Bought a C.S. Osborne new push beveler but was surprised to see that its “beveler” is a blunt sharp-edged end that slices rather than widens and smoothies. I am completely taken aback. It’s nothing like I expected.

    Has anyone had this issue?

  7. I am unable to find a supplier of multi-key hardware. I'm looking for hardware to assemble key cases that have 6 or more attachments. Any leads provided would be greatly appreciated. BLT
  8. welcome to the site

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