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    Ok thanks
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    Anybody interested send me email and I’ll send pictures
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    I have hundreds of solid brass buckles and hardware collected over 60 years. Realized I will never use it all so decided to sell. I can’t seem to get photos small enough to put on this site. I’m not a young guy anymore and can’t figure out how to do it so if your interested somehow let me know and I can email or text photos
  4. Checked all that and just hobby person owner
  5. I will ck all that out. It looks like this picture
  6. The Juki I’m looking at is not White it’s more kind of a Greenish Grey and doesn’t have the large bobbin. Must be older than a White one.
  7. Just wondering if the Juki is higher quality than the clones even if it’s a lot older
  8. I have an opportunity to buy an older Juki LS-341N with table and Servo motor for $1200. The machine is in excellent condition used by a hobbyist. My question is should I get the Juki or buy one of the 341 clones out there? Seems like I can get a clone for about $1600 which would be a brand new machine. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Bell Skiver $700

    Vintage Bell Skiver for sale built in Boston Mass. by United Shoe Manufacturing Company Works perfectly has built in sharpening for bell knife inside and outside. Very heavy duty will skive up to 2 1/2” wide. Text me for photos I can’t seem to get photos on here keeps saying too large. I’m in Northern Wisconsin 920-857-8827
  10. Selling my Bell Skiver on Craigslist in Green Bay Wi. I cant figure out how to post pictures on this site so that’s why I did craigslist. Hopefully nobody is offended by that.
  11. Bell Skiver for sale on Green Bay Craigslist.
  12. I have a brand new never used Cowboy CB4500. I purchased it from Bob at Toledo Sewing Machine about 4 months ago. The reason for selling it is that I have been a woodworker for 40 years and have a shop that takes up all my time. I thought I would take up sewing leather in my spare time. Well their is no spare time and I realize that in order too be good at sewing leather items such as bags takes a lot of time and practice which I thought I could achieve in my spare time when not woodworking. The machine comes with spools of thread, roller guides, misc feet and all the standard items that Bob gives with machine. The machine must be picked up in Batavia IL. I think $2000 is a fair price for a new machine, no tax or shipping charges saves you some money. The best way too reach me is by phone since I am very rarely on the computer You can call 630-669-2506 Thanks, Ken
  13. I have been using couch leather for years cutting it up and also reusing the foam for seats and things. Thick foam is very expensive if you ever priced it out. When I am done taking everything off couch I break it all apart and slowly throw pieces in garbage can for trash man, takes a few weeks to get rid of everything but worth it for the leather and foam. I never got a couch that was not all leather including sides, the sides are usually thicker leather than the cushions. The only thing you may run into is what they call Bonded Leather which is leather emulsified and then glued together and stamped with a grain pattern, kind of like particle board made from wood chips. I was hoping no one ever found out my secret cheap way to get leather but I think their are plenty of old couches out there. Its a lot of work taking them apart but worth it to me.
  14. I guess I stand corrected, I was told by person that I purchased the used machine from a few years ago that he bought it new a few years ago. He must be like me not realizing that time flies by quicker than you think, seems like just yesterday my kids were in diapers and now they are married. The machine has a stamp that says Made in Japan so it must be older than 6 years as stated in my For Sale ad. I have tried to track down the year it was made by the serial # but could not get any info on that from Consew. I have also responded to my saying New Machines are made in China where I should say the majority of new machines are made in China. I should know this since I have a new Juki 1541S that was made in Japan. Sorry for misinformation. Hope you guys accept my apologies.
  15. Looks like I was misinformed when I purchased the machine a few years ago, owner said it was a couple years old when he bought it new. It must be older than 6 years because it was made in Japan as stamp says on machine. I am told if it was made in Japan it has to be older than six years, I tried using serial # to find out age but did not find any info. Also I should clarify my statement about all new machines are made in China. I should have said the majority of new machines are made in China. Sorry for misinformation
  16. Does anybody know if the new Cylinder bed Consew, Techsew, Cowboy and Cobra are made in Japan or China? They all look like the same machines just different colors and name tags.
  17. I have for sale a Consew 227R complete setup with Servo motor and stand. Servo motor has built in 3 to 1 gear reduction so you can sew 1 stitch at a time very slow or speed up to 220SPM. Head is about 6 years old and made in Japan unlike the new ones which are made in China. Sevo motor is only a few months old. Everything is in excellent condition. I am selling it in order for me to buy a larger machine. I will not ship, located in Batavia IL. which is about 60 miles west of Chicago. You can call me with questions @ 630-669-2506 Thanks, Ken (I cannot get pictures to upload so if you send me your email address I can send you pictures.)
  18. Thanks Wiz, Thats the answer I was looking for, I see now why they call you Wiz. Do you know if their is anyway to modify the bobbin assembly to get a larger M bobbin in there?
  19. So does that mean you should be able to sew approx 35 yards in distance before running out of bobbin thread?
  20. Sewing Light weight leather for upholstery, Is there any rule of thumb for how far you may be able to sew before your bobbin runs out? I know it depends on thread size.
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