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  1. today i test another thread! I sewed perfect! So i guess the thread is no good quality!!! I am curious to check if the same happens to other machines with this specific thread!
  2. I am using tenax Polyester thread! I will try another type and i' ll be back!!!
  3. I will make some photos later today! The needles are always the same! The thread is another type! I will try another thread to make a test just in case!
  4. Hello again! Maybe someone knows and can help me a little! I have a Typical sewing machine model GC0302. A classic walking foot machine! https://all.biz/ar-en/typical-gc-0302-cx-g125091 My problem is that the machine keeps on shredding the thread only when i sewing in reverse! What can cause this behavior ? Thanks!
  5. FreeCad is another option + it's free! I am considering to try Rhino for a while!
  6. i use a cad program, sketchup!
  7. i have tested the wire but it's no good! Lot's of smoke and not perfect cut!
  8. Hello! One question! ( Not quite sure if this is the right place to post! ) Can such an industrial electric scissor cut also foam or sponge? https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Electric-Scissors-For-Cutting-Fabric-Nylon_1483441585.html. Normally you use this one https://www.aliexpress.com/i/32893964157.html but i am curious if the other is also capable for cutting foam/sponge? Thank you!
  9. Does anyone knows an EU site where i can get spare blades? Thanks!
  10. The machine is ready! The only "problem" is the motor! I used an old i have from a sewing machine. It is a fast one! 2800rpm. I am looking for a smaller pulley to reduce the speed.
  11. Guys make a new thread for guns! I am using sketcup to make my patterns. It's ok but. Recently i see some videos from fusion 360! I like it a lot but the fact that it's cloud operating cad is very disappointing!
  12. The plastic cylinder i think is ok. I tightened the screw seen on image 1. I will do some work and i will be back with more pictures and questions!
  13. The 2 shafts are indeed connected with gears. Right now this plastic cylinder is not fixed with it's shaft. I believe it should be fixed and not freely rotating. I will make a few more picture and I have to order some new blades.
  14. Hello everybody! I just bought a used strap cutting machine! My question is about the plastic cylinder! Is it supposed to freely rotate or when i turn the flywheel? The blades are tightened on the upper metallic cylinder and turns only when the flywheel is turned!
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