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  1. Hello! On an old post bed machine (adler 68) the reverse lever is hard to operate! I'll explain myself better! You can still push the lever up by applying more force on it. Usually the lever return to it's forward stitching position as soon as you release it! On my machine, it doesn't! Although it's convenient ,because you can have both hands free for holding the leather, it's not how it should function! Any ideas why is this happening?
  2. I am back with a review on the spare parts. I also ordered a pair of presser feet with a narrow profile (https://www.ebay.com/itm/152703208496?hash=item238dd20c30:g:7IgAAOSwLuJc43IU) The spare parts are both very nice and well-made! I haven't used the throat plate except from a quick test. It requires longer screws, and I don't have! Anyway, i don't need to use the plate right now, so I can't say much about it! But about the presser feet, I must say that is amazing!!! The back foot surface's is completely flat, so it's not making any marks on the leather! Small enough for tight corners! I am happy with them!!!
  3. I don't think they include a plate! But as you said it's easy either to print a new one or modify the existing ! This one allow only 3 mm but there is another kit for up to 5mm.
  4. i found on Ebay this upgrade kit https://www.ebay.com/itm/162673501660 and i ordered one ! Now 1 month patience and i will inform the forum!
  5. The problem is how i make the cut without ruining the leather! https://www.zipy.gr/p/ali/zonesun-leather-cutting-machine-tool-knife-cutter-edge-cutting-for-leather-handcraft-diy-wallet-handbag-name-card-holder-purse/32867192996/ This is what I need! I have to custom-made one for even longer cuts
  6. Don't know how to tell this so I will describe it as good as I can. I want to slice the edge of a leather piece! I want to make some stitching on the lower part and then glue the upper and hide the stitching! Is there any machine to do this? I also attach 2 pictures to help you understand what I want! https://ibb.co/fGj957s https://ibb.co/6snpQGL
  7. check out these machines! https://www.tegosrl.com/te1go-te1go-dx-te1go-dx-640-macchina-a-colonna-post-bed-sewing-machine/
  8. For tight corners a very nice solution are these machines! https://www.tegosrl.com/te1go-te1go-dx-te1go-dx-640-macchina-a-colonna-post-bed-sewing-machine/ I love them and I will get one some day!
  9. i just didn't want to add one more topic! I am using a 69 but i a friend is selling a 169 for something like 200euros! Very low price and i am thinking to get it! It's an old machine but i believe i can refubrish it!
  10. What are the differences between Adler 69 and 169? Is 169 heavier duty than 69?
  11. Just for the history! I cleaned the oil reservoir, the filter and use fresh oil according to specifications! After that the machine works perfectly! So if you have any kind of clicker press, before you start to remove parts for service, just do what i did!
  12. Thank you! The machine is the SE22 model (https://www.atom.it/en/prodotto/se-series/) . The machine i have is single phase from the factory! It's not modified. The limitations are, it takes more time to reach the working rotation speed and you have a led light to indicate when you are overdoing it. So i guess, somewhere the machine have a leak in hydraulics. Now the question is where?
  13. Hello everybody! I recently got a an Atom clicker press model SE22 single phase! The previous owner told me that the machine have a small problem! Normally when you turn off the machine the arm move downward! When you turn on the machine the arm start to move upward till it take the working position. On my machine the arm moves down on turn off but not upwards when turn on! You need to lift the arm with a crowbar or before turn off have something under the arm to prevent it from moving downward! Anybody had the same problem before and knows how to resolve it? Thank you!
  14. today i test another thread! I sewed perfect! So i guess the thread is no good quality!!! I am curious to check if the same happens to other machines with this specific thread!
  15. I am using tenax Polyester thread! I will try another type and i' ll be back!!!
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