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  1. After using my clicker for a few days i concluded that it's necessary to use a harder type! The dyies are getting stuck very often!
  2. Just for future reference in case that someone come up with the same problem! You can use alloy 5083 or any of the 5XXX family alloys. I believe the hardest among the 5XXX family alloys will be the best
  3. Hello! Back again! i learned that there are no adjustment screws! The machine is fixed! I also found out that my aluminum plate on the rotating head is bent. So I have to change this plate! It is an alloy of aluminum , anybody knows what kind! It's harder than normal, but how can we ask for it? Thank you!
  4. It's the same behavior in real life sometimes! You are not supposed to leave your city and stay in the woods! You only have to filter the infos you get and keep only the good ones! I also don't like insta because i don't like showing off, but it's a hell of a tool to promote your work ,sure the majority are rubbish and are good only for the time spend in the toilet, but you can also find good things!
  5. Hello! I have a used Atom clicker (SE22) definitely 30 years old! I noticed that when i insert a long die in the direction from front to back, it doesn't cut very well the back portion! I checked the machine thoroughly and i found out that the traveling head and the cutting table are not parallel. The cutting table on the bottom is new, so it's perfect. Now i am wondering if there are any adjustment screws to align the head in respection to the cutting table? Anybody had any previous experience? Thank you
  6. I also have an ATOM SE 22 single phase (EU are 220volt not 110) made by the factory not after market ! You have some limitation but it's working perfectrly!
  7. Thanks!!! I think we never loosed the middle screw to change the stitch so i guess the screw is worn out and requires a new one!
  8. the problem is that i don't have access to the machine! Is in another place. I am helping a friend!
  9. I am back again! In the picture, there is an Allen key on the machine. By turning this key you change the stitch length. Now as you use the machine, this knob is slowly turning to max size. Is there a way to tighten somehow the knob movement? The manual CowboyBob suggests have a different mechanism for stitch control
  10. Hello everybody! Does anyone have any manual for this machine?I was told that it's a Global LP 943 (Minerva) machine
  11. Hello! On an old post bed machine (adler 68) the reverse lever is hard to operate! I'll explain myself better! You can still push the lever up by applying more force on it. Usually the lever return to it's forward stitching position as soon as you release it! On my machine, it doesn't! Although it's convenient ,because you can have both hands free for holding the leather, it's not how it should function! Any ideas why is this happening?
  12. I am back with a review on the spare parts. I also ordered a pair of presser feet with a narrow profile (https://www.ebay.com/itm/152703208496?hash=item238dd20c30:g:7IgAAOSwLuJc43IU) The spare parts are both very nice and well-made! I haven't used the throat plate except from a quick test. It requires longer screws, and I don't have! Anyway, i don't need to use the plate right now, so I can't say much about it! But about the presser feet, I must say that is amazing!!! The back foot surface's is completely flat, so it's not making any marks on the leather! Small enough for tight corners! I am happy with them!!!
  13. I don't think they include a plate! But as you said it's easy either to print a new one or modify the existing ! This one allow only 3 mm but there is another kit for up to 5mm.
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