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  1. Well I just took a closer look at it, There are 2 metal cases we found in the drawers, my wife said it was spare bobbins and feet. and a shuttle that looks like a bullet
  2. So my wife went over to a friends house who had an old sewing machine they were getting rid of. When she gets back I help her get this beast out of the vehicle (it is very heavy) and we start looking at it. We found the serial number and was able to look it up and tell it was a Singer 127 treadle powered,, made in 1928. It is still in the original cabinet, has a bunch of tools in the draws that may be the original We would like to get it back to working order, and I figure this would be one of the best places to ask about. Also I was wondering is it possible for this machine to sew through leather Also any one had any luck bringing the wood back to life,
  3. Thanks for the information I did run by my local Tandy and when I asked them about that Janome, they said judging by the amount of returns they get, those must not sew leather very well For older machines I see a lot of people selling old Singer machines, would any of those work
  4. What is a good entry level sewing machine for around 400$ (if one exist). Right now my wife is looking at the Janome 3000 Up until now I have just been hand stitching small bags and whatnots I could find patterns for(I mainly have 5 to 7 oz leather I find on sale, most is chrome tanned).Eventually I would like to make suits of leather armor (but I know those machines are way out of my price range) so I was probably going to start with simpler stuff like gauntlets or bags. Now what has prompted me to look for a machine was that me and the wife were making some cloaks for our renaissance faire in November. We got some arctic fleece, over at Joann's, and then we stopped by Tandy leather and she saw some dyed rabbit hides that she now wants to use to the hide to line the edge of the cloak (I had also planned to line the very bottom of the cloak with some thin leather to prevent the bottom from getting frayed out, maybe some 2 oz chrome tanned) We would also like to use this sewing machine to make different costumes As for lining the cloak with that fur, would it be better to just use some sort of glue like Barge to attach it
  5. What would be be the best way to fit it to her. It is going to be worn every so often when that outfit is worn (For the 501st when we do charity work). I would like it to give a good fit to her For the upkeep should I use mink oil on it, or will neatsfoot oil be better What is good for sealing
  6. I am going to be starting on a headpiece for a costume for my wife. I have a piece of 4/5 leather I was planning on using and wetforming so it fits better. eh question I have is what is good to use for the black part and then the red part. Will the paint/dye crack over time. What is good to treat it with to keep it in good condition?
  7. My wife is looking to do a Star Wars character to get into the 501st. The character she is doing is Darth Traya. This character has a leather headpiece and I have a few questions I got a 4/5 ounce single shoulder from Tandy leather to work with and I am planning on wet forming it to her head. I have attached a few pictures My question is what is a good dye or paint for the black, and what about that red. What can I use on the head piece to keep it from drying out Also is Tandy the only good place to order leather. I need a 3 inch wide strap that is 72" long and all I find is the 50" long ones
  8. Ok I am pretty new to this, only having played with a Tandy Leather kit a while back I have a Jedi Belt (3: strap from Tandy) that I wear when I make appearances with the Rebel Legion In order to get the belt the correct color we used some acrylic paint on them, basically we used what everyone was suggesting since you belt has to roughly be the same color as your boots, which we painted What I was wondering is if I can use Saddle Soap or something like Montana Pitch Blend (which I use for my renaissance leather gear) or something else Also on a side note, I had some custom half knee moccasins made and was wondering what is the best to use to clean them. Right now I wash them with a damp clothe, use saddle soap, then later come back with Montana Pitch Blend right before I put them up for 11 months
  9. Cool I am here in New Orleans, I might have to look into taking a drive down to Eunice
  10. While at the LA\ouisiana Ren Fest I saw a lot of leather worked items. What I am wondering if where do they get the stamps that are around 3" in size Also I s there something that can roll a pattern on a belt.
  11. Just took a quick look and the hardest part of redoing that pattern is getting the curves right, going from a oval cylinder to a 2d object is a pain I can resize the top in a few keystrokes to make it taller or shorter. If I get time this weekend I will see if I can create a pattern that is as good as the Tandy ones I looked at the holes and I think I can line them up. The pattern seems to be using 25/6" spacing which is probably closer to 3/8"
  12. So it is better if I print the pattern out and mail them. For larger patterns do you usually get a life sized drawing of them or does a pattern just give a general dimension. An example is I can draw up plans for a set of leg chaps, but would the plans have a scaled down drawing or would it be better to get a full size print made
  13. Thanks Any tips of suggestions I was thinking of making custom patterns if there might be a market for it.
  14. Well I just got my first kit and and banged up the kitchen table testing the different stamps. Then I got to thinking about making patterns for different items and wondering how to do it. At work i am a mechanical designer so I am pretty familiar with the cad programs so I decided to whip one up and see what people think.I am not sure on the dimensions, such as holes for rivets or how far to space them apart to fold them over I attached it as a pdf, if anyone wants to make it or give me any feedback Key Fob.pdf
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