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  1. I've been admiring everyone's work for a long time but i have never posted anything. Today is the day though. I've done a few iterations of this design and finally settle on this. Its not perfect but I'm happy with the results and I know it will only get better from here. So i thought i share.
  2. So I decided to start making my own wallet after finishing my starter kit I bought a while back. Right now I'm just piecing together what I believe I'm going to need. If any of you can shed some wisdom on how to do this that would be great. I bought some veg tan leather for my exterior (3-4oz) and I'm looking for a good interior leather to use. I was thinking a haircell lining leather. Also Im curious as to what kind of thread to use. What Im hoping to create is a three section wallet that has two sections for credit card slots and and an area for an ID card. I want to hand stitch the backing to the interior leather but not where it wraps around the edges. I'm thinking a straight stitch. I know I dont have it all figured out yet but this is where I'm at on my project. Thanks for any help you can give.
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