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  1. I made this game arena at the start of the Covid 19 outbreak and since then, my wife and I have played over 900 games. It is so much more fun when it’s quiet and the dice don’t fly all over the place. The arena is made using veg tan and bison. I’ve since made two other arenas for sale and they absolutely love them.
  2. My custom Yahtzee game arena. Who likes to play this game? My wife and I play so much now with this new arena, mainly because it’s very quiet. It’s hand sewn using veg tan and bison hides. The dice cup is made from elephant and bark tanned deer hides.
  3. This is a iPod touch case I designed using bison hide inlayed with Nile crocodile
  4. I made this bag from brain tanned deer hide and inlayed the Nile crocodile. It’s entirely hand sewn using Ritza tigerbthread.
  5. Looking for anyone interested in a brand new ( unused ) Cobra class 3 sewing machine in the Maryland area email me if interested and photos. gambo007@yahoo.com
  6. I made this knife sheath this morning for a knife that one of my clients gave me. Bison and veg tan.
  7. I made this cell phone holder for my Galaxy S3 mini from two types of Bison and a slice of deer antler, inlayed and all hand sewn. Lookin good mun!
  8. Just finished this woman's hand bag for a friend to give to his wife for their anniversary. This entire bag is sewn by hand, the letter "L" is burned and stained.
  9. Mr. Taylor, you have your eye on my lap top bag in the critique section.
  10. Had nothing to do this morning so I decided to make a little belt pouch. Took a grooving tool and made the designs in the face and sides, I thought it looked nice and might do it elsewhere.
  11. I thought I would add a full pocket on the inside of the flap and a carrier for a water bottle.
  12. Remember the Bison hunting bag? I felt the need to add something on the right side so I did. Tell me what you think and don't worry I have thick skin, I can take it.
  13. Made this cell phone holder from Bison with a sliver of deer antler.
  14. I made this tool pouch from dark brown Bison for my neighbor, he's a locksmith. All his coworkers want one now. It can be worn on the shoulder or clip onto the belt.
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