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  1. Thanks for compliments guys. The stars, "blue" field and stripes are lightly cut and tooled which made it easier to stain. I printed a star pattern out in order to make them uniform. Colors are all Feibings oil stains and are, blue field is 3/4 of a 4 oz bottle cap of show brown mixed with 3 drops of black, red stripes are chocolate brown and stars and white stripes have a resist of leather sheen followed by 2 coats of light brown cut 50/50 with reducer.
  2. Full size 1911. Customer requested flag design. I really enjoyed this one.
  3. Was using US tanned from Springfield. Wasn't HO but wasn't cheap imported either.
  4. Thanks. Sorry for the multiple posts. Phone was being dumb and I can't figure out how to delete
  5. This is a crystalline substance that appears after soaking a holster for molding. It brushes off but reappears within an hour, and doesn't do it to every one. Just wondering if if anyone knows what it is or how to stop it from appearing.
  6. Thank you. Definitely appreciate the info
  7. I don't have much money to buy blue guns that I don't have orders for. I am wondering which glock blue gun will cover the widest range of models. I think I saw a thread on this once, and can't find it now.
  8. This is my first attempt at this style of holster. I will change a couple things on the next one, but overall I think it turned out pretty good.
  9. It seems, that a blue gun is not made for the Charter arms .38. Is there a replica available for another gun that can be used intsead? Thanks for the help.
  10. Every time lace is supposed to go under, you take it over. Instead of an under over, it is over over. It creates a chevron effect.
  11. Well, I got asked to do another seat for the Power Sports Institute where I graduated from. This one is going on an X-wedge build for S&S's 55th anniversary party in June. It is the 1st seat I have done like this and presented a few challenges. I needed to add an extra inch of leather to the top pattern for the angled part.
  12. I don't have a drill press yet but I use my bearman burnisher in a cordless drill clamped in my vise with a ziptie slid over the trigger to keep it on.
  13. Zack White. I requested an interesting grain pattern and got it.
  14. Yes. Not sure why they weren't right since I used the same measurements for a clipon and those lines were tight. You can see from the pic that I already fixed the trigger side. Now it matches
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