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  1. So those are like cufflinks, to be used on straps and such when necessary but are not permanently affixed, right?
  2. Nope, it's solid brass, that's the problem :|
  3. Hi everyone, I've got a few hundred mushroom rivets/buttons/thingies, but I have no idea how those are supposed to be attached I've experimented with cutting a slit the width of the mushroom base with a center hole the same size of the stem, inserting the mushroom and then sewing it shut, but without a lining the blasted thing moves. I've also done the same on a patch of leather and sewing the patch, with the mushroom inserted in, on the final product, but both ways are time consuming and seems clunky and inelegant. Any idea on tools, methods, and also the right name of this thing? Any help appreciated, thanks!
  4. Sorry for the thread necro, but I didn't want to open a new one and clutter the forums. I'm searching the gauge parts to change the machine from sinchronized binder to normal cylinder bed But I cannot find by searching the parts number from the catalog. At minimum I will need the needle plate, feed plate (dog?, called plate on the catalog) and both inner and outer foot.. Parts 17089-a, 17565, 17086-a, 17083-a But my google-fu is failing me, and I cannot find them. Anyone knows a good website where to find them (college sewing seems out of stock and the parts numbers do not match up)? Or if there is a compatible model with another brand that I should search? It seems some singer parts could be compatible, but I'm not so sure, any help appreciated!
  5. From conceptualization to buffing it up, 40, maybe 50 hours. I did adapt some patterns I had, so I only needed to make maybe half of the patterns. Carving time, around 25, 30 hours.
  6. I've seen this machine many times on amazon and ebay, with a price range from 115$ to 150$. There also is a facebook group dedicated to set-up and modify it, and many says that once cleaned up and adjusted will be very useful. Anyone here with experience on it? I'm thinking about buying it (could be very useful during during bikers rallies, exhibitions and such) but I'm still collecting reviews and such, so any advice would be very appreciated.
  7. Another order, another happy customer! This time I was told to make celtic inspired decorations, based on the concept of the rooster as totemic animal. My customer was very happy indeed, so I suppose to have pull it off all right. (There is no front and back full outfit because the photo were sent to me, I did not had the time to do them)
  8. I've used the american belt punch from tandy for the point of the scales, and the round belt punch for the top. A tip to save some time, stack the scales together with some paper tape and drill the holes with a drill press, or you will be bogged down forever :D
  9. Armour set for a larper, I'm very proud of this work!
  10. A Quick update, I've order the edge guide on eBay, but since postage from china could arrive in april I built this contraption to sew a long straight line Works good enough to sew long edges, straps, belts and such
  11. 2500 max rpm motor, 1,4kwh of electricity consumption. It was already installed, the machine was to be used for heavy tarps and trailer covers. On the back of the cylinder casing there are two screw holes. I'll look in that's website to see of there is something adaptable, thanks a lot!
  12. Hello gents, I've purchased a Seiko LSC 8b LH1, equipped with a 1400w clutch motor small pulley. The machine was nearly spotless and very carefully mntained, and I'm very satisfied with it so far. Now I'm searching for a pull-down roller guide, but I can't find an online dealer nor I've find it on the official catalog. Anyone knows of a compatible and/or retrofittable guide? I cannot use a magnetic guide since it has a moving plate on the cylinder arm. Also any tips and pitfalls I should be wary of using this machine?
  13. Hi guys, I have the press in the photo, it is rated at 25kN (around 2,5 tons of force). Do you know if it's safe to extend the lever for exterting more force? I wish to use it for clicking small pieces, like 10 or 20cm on a side. Got no problem with very small pieces (scales, lames for armors, blanks for key holders etc) but I would gladly increase the capacity for something bigger and maybe some embossing plates.
  14. After replacing a broken nail, the machine started skipping nearly all stitches. On a closer examination I found this: I think that is a broken thread retaining spring, at least judging from the parts manual it seems to miss the paddle head. If that is the case I suppose to have found the culprit. In this case, how difficult is to replace this part? Do I have to unmount the whole needle bar? And, if this is not the problem, what could be the cause of the missing stitches?
  15. A bit of thread necromancy here: I have had the machine cleaned up and tuned by a service shop, for the moderate price of 65 euros. Now, with thinner thread it works great, but as soon as Itried using a thicker one it starts skipping stitches, sometimes on in 20, sometimesa five in a row. Also it appears that the needle can't always pick up the thread from under the plate when threading the machine, sometimes it picks the thread, sometimes after a couple of tries, other times I have to manually put the bobbin thread up trough the plate hole. The thread is around 0,8 millimiters thick, not quite a millimeter and more than half. It is a polyester bonded thread. Any tips? Also, how thick is thread #138? and with wich needle it should go?
  16. Oh, definitely a nice use for that tool. And a nifty hatchet sheat too!
  17. A couple of bracers I've made for a larp player, 4mm veg tan on a 2mm oil tanned chap leather. Part of a set also comprising a big gladiatorial belt and a couple of greaves, but those are still in the pattern stage.
  18. I hope that my new facebook page will be enough to offset this 'bout of Thread Necromancy! https://www.facebook.com/scallywagleather Let me know what do you thinks, and how to improve the page!
  19. For cleaning I'm thinking to use nitro solvent, since many parts are really gunked up. Or it's better to use something else? Very nice manual by the way, will be very useful, many thanks!
  20. Cleaned, tested, max stitch lenght of about 3mm. I'm planning to disassemble, clean the gears, and idenrify worn parts. Any tips or pitfalls I should be aware of?
  21. Cleaned, tested, max stitch lenght of about 3mm. I'm planning to disassemble, clean the gears, and idenrify worn parts. Any tips or pitfalls I should be aware of?
  22. Thanks a lot! I will order the parts today, in the meantime I will clean and oil the old lady. The rest should be in working order, or so the shop owner told me. Can't wait to try some stitches
  23. Yep, south of Italy. I acquired the machine from a shoe repair shop clearance sale. I can find the thumb screw and the wire on college sewing?
  24. ok, here another batch of photos, including al the parts I was given together with the machine, of wich I don't know nothing. And another batch, from other angles And the last batch of photos
  25. Thanks, I will snap some detailed photos tonight and post them here.
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