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  1. Does any one have a smiple concealed weapons hand bag patteren they would be willing to share thanks
  2. Can a singer 269w111 be converted to be a regular cyd arm sewing machine
  3. thanks Steve& Greg .Is there a way i can tell if i am running my machine 180 out. Would it cost alot to refurbish this machine or is it worth it.
  4. I have come across an older adler 67 .The arm that pulls the thread has two holes in it. All the other machines i have seen (not many)have only one hole.When i got the machine ,the hook was 180 off. I loosened the screws on the two gears (under the hook&bobbin) and set the time. The machine sewed. Later,after sewing with tension too light ,the machine knotted up the bobbin. while clearing the thread i noticed that now i could see the two ball bearings in the clutch didn't see them earlier and didn't know what they even were.Anyway now the machine sews but if you reverse it,it sounds funny and the thread breaks. Can anybody help me. Did i set the time when i should have set the clutch? Whats the two holes for in the thread lever? Only manual i could find on line was for a 267. Something has to be a little off,thinking might be my know how. What seq. should i work with,set needle height then hook time ,then dog .If any one could guide this newbee through the process i would appreciate it. Any advice about this machine would greatly appreciated. Want To Sew!!
  5. may i ask? what did you stitch the edge with (machine)
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