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  1. I have a picture of the back of the sheath somewhere, nothing fancy though, just sewed a belt loop on the back.I made the sheath where the knife fits real snug, I don't think it would ever come out on it's own. As far as the Cutco knife, a buddy of mine butchers his own meat and I bought the knife for him as a gift and had his name engraved on it, Wanted to make him a sheath for it and decided to make it where you could see his name on the knife.
  2. Just finished these 2 sheaths after laying off for a few months . Ready to get back started on some new stuff.
  3. Just finished this one for my 14 year old nephew's pocket knife.
  4. Just Finished this sheath for a buddy at work
  5. Well, I marked the holes and used my drill press, the holes came out good, and the stitching turned out good as well. Next time I will try the bit turned upside down and sharpened method. I used the 2 needle method of stitching and my only problem was every once in a while I would stab the thread while pushing the 2nd needle through the hole. From what I read this happens somewhat often. I ordered some egg eye harness needles with a blunt tip and hopefully that will help some. Thanks again for the advice, I am looking forward to working on my next knife sheath .
  6. Thanks for the replies and advice, I will give it a try this weekend.
  7. Hello, I am just getting started in leatherwork and I am making a knife sheath for my first project. I have punched the holes and handstitched the leather for the belt loop and it turned out well. My question is , what is the best way to punch the holes down the side of the sheath since it has a thick welt that will be between the 2 pieces of folded over leather to be stitched together. I have a punch that has 4 prongs on it but I don't think it is long enough to get all the way through the 2 pieces of leather and the welt. Any advice would be appreciated.
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