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  1. Yes, I havn't had the time to post it on Ebay yet, so we still have it. I'm in Hong Kong and the skiver is in our design studio here and I can also subsidies part of the shipping cost as well. I need to know where your located and we can get this machine wheighted and priced for shipping to send to you. Let me know, Thanks for the Inquiry
  2. It's %100 adjustable. You can skive about 6 inches or so by simply adjusting the height of the cutting knife. I've never had a need to do that since the middle thickness of most of my patterns is desirable being that it stops slack and sagging leather on soft hides. It's better to just skive the edges so that the seam for stitching is very smooth with no leather bulge, and its easier to make flatter piping with less bulge also with a thinner skived edge. You need this machine also to fold and stitch edges inside out for invisible seams. I use this machine for footwear, hand bags and belts. It's always been all I needed for those applications. It works great for veggie tan also. It tames those thick edges into stiff thin edges that are easier to stitch through and paint or CNC leaving a more professional look and finish seam on your product. It's a must have, believe that!
  3. New Photos with New Nippy blade installed, Original Price New from Nippy Japan:$2,400 Final Price used: $850 Will be listed on ebay on 5-15-2012
  4. Hey, I got my Nippy leather skiving / cutting machine for sale. Its the original leather skiver made in Japan that everyone tries to copy, by using cheap parts of Chinese quality workmanship (in reference to other brands). I wouldn't trust my expensive leather patterns to be chewed up by those imitations. We've been using this for years, it works wonderfully and has skived untold amounts of leather. I just bought new cutting blades for it and rubber feed (for really soft leather). It already comes with the used blade which sharpens itself with a sand paper feed (for Veggie tanned bridle leather) which is what is currently installed, for a perfect and even skive everytime. You wont have to use the new blade for another 5 years if you want. I decided to buy a brand new nippy skiver when I was buying this new blade, the shop had one for sale but its super expensive so I have to sell this one I have first. Be the first to buy before I list it on ebay then its definitely gone so hurry! This machine is used in every leather shoe or handbag factory I've ever been in so you must have one if you want to be a serious designer! Those hand skivers are not cutting it, let's be honest. Official Nippy Skiving Machine: $1,000 Comes with the head only, new cutting knife in the box and extra rubber feed and sand paper feed for soft or bridle leather and works with any normal clutch motor. A must have! As you can see it's small enough to add to your current table to save space and use while sewing! Serious interest only please. I use Paypal or wire,western union. Paypal is the best way to send payment if you have an account. Shipping international, or however you want it. Don't miss out!
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