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  1. Yeah, some people on here don't like it when you use filters. I guess they think it's cheating. I'm not too concerned about it though. I didn't feel the need to use a middle welt layer since I used rivets to fasten the two pieces together. I don't know if it's great minds or not, but if it works, then it's a good design - form follows function and all that. As for the spelling of 'axe', I guess I've always used the English spelling without thinking about it - spell check never questioned my use of it here in the States lol.
  2. I have a cross-hatched teardrop backgrounder. Just gotta tap it a million times on the wet leather.
  3. Riveted leather strips at each corner the back side flat against it so you can slip zip ties through them and around the frame.
  4. Vegi. 8oz. on the sides and 6 oz. for front and back.
  5. AMMO

    Helmet Shield

    I figure this is as good a place as any to post a firefighter helmet shield. I made it as a wedding gift for some close friends. They put it on a firefighter helmet and everyone signed the helmet. It has their names and the date of the wedding on it.
  6. Figured I'd make something a little punk rock lol.
  7. Slapped this together for my bro-in-law.
  8. Customer wanted it simple, to follow the lines of the frame, and to look like it's been through hell.
  9. 1. I usually use 1/8" or 5/16" lace. 1/4" seems like overkill, but if you like the look, I don't see a problem with it - just make sure the lace holes are wide enough and spaced far enough apart. Also, I would stick with a simple cross-lace pattern with 1/4" - any of the fancy lace patterns would probably stick out too far. 2. Do the tooling first. When you cut the piece out leave an extra inch around the border and then when you get around to wet-forming the piece you can trim it to the proper size. 3. Depends on what you want to do, but I usually leave an extra half inch for the overhang.
  10. Here are a couple of my latest seats. The 'Biker 4 Life' seat was built for a friend who is in the process of building an evo chop, and the 'Love Lust Cycles' seat will be put on a bike that will be showcased in the window of the Metro Center Macy's in DC this summer.
  11. thanks guys. and hopefully my dad won't report me haha. I'm nit too concerned about it.
  12. AMMO

    Accordion Straps

    Yeah, the customer wanted just white. Apparently the original straps were all white, but they were falling apart.
  13. Yeah, not guitar straps, but where else was I gonna post this?
  14. This is a wet-formed holster for a Glock. It is reversible so can be worn either open or concealed.
  15. Made this a few months back for a specialty build.
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