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  1. Hi All, I am on the market for a new sewing machine and I am pretty certain that I am going to go with the Cobra Class 3. The one thing I am hung up on is the threading options. All of my work has been hand stitched. I am a big fan of Tiger Polyester Braided Thread Waxed (Ritza 25) sold by Abbey England supplier. Question: Can waxed braided polyester thread be feed through these machines? - What nylon thread is similar to the braided polyester? - Should I just spend the extra $700 dollars and get the Cobra class 4, or can I get away with the class 3? I make rifle scabbards, knife sheaths, belts, bags. I think that the CAMPBELL Lock-Stitch and UNION Lock-Stitch can run other types of thread, but I have read that they have a steep learning curve, in limited supply and pretty pricey - so those machines are not currently an option. I have no experience with these machines so it will be an adventure, but I want make the right choice. Thanks!
  2. Hi All, I still consider myself a rookie in leather work, but I have been making knife sheaths for a little while now and have successfully figured out how yield a pretty nice burnished edge. However, I am not convinced that my sealing process is the "the best". After reading the loads of knowledge on this forum I am now aware that this seems one of the most debated questions. Products used in order: Fiebings alcohol-based leather dye, bick 4 leather conditioner, eco-flo for leather professional finish My specific questions: Can Leather balm w/atom wax be added to a edge that has been sealed with eco-flo professional finish (or any finish/sealer)? Will this just be a useless step since the pores are "sealed"? I still don't seem to understand what the leather balm w/atom wax does, and how it keeps dye from bleeding out when wet. Will the eco-flo professional finish be sufficient to prevent bleeding of dye? Thank you all very much for your input. I welcome all your information and knowledge, and please excuse my ignorance on the subject.
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